Medical cannabis strains

Medical cannabis seeds

More and more people are interested in medical marijuana and CBD Hemp varieties. Public awareness is growing, which of course explains this interest. We also get more and more questions, what exactly are these medical cannabis strains? In this post, we will explain to you which varieties we actually correctly call medical and which are not, and what properties do medical hemp usually have?

Medical marijuana strains vs. CBD hemp varieties

Many producers in the world, in countries where there is such an opportunity, produce feminized cannabis seedsfrom which plants with the properties of the so-called medical. You can also find such medical marijuana seeds in our store shop Ziarno Życia. Often medical strains are confused with CBD strains. Yes, CBD varieties also have healing and health-promoting properties, while saying "medical hemp varieties" is mainly about Indian hemp, which most often, in addition to CBD, also contain a larger or very similar amount of THC. CBD varieties, on the other hand, are supposed to contain minimal THC values. In Poland, when we say CBD hemp, we usually mean hemp that is legal and meets the THC standards referred to in the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction.

ATTENTION! In our store you will find CBD seeds, but also certified CBD hemp seeds and only the latter can be legally cultivated in Poland after obtaining the necessary permits. CBD cannabis seeds, despite the producers' declarations of a negligible amount of THC, are not on the list of varieties allowed for cultivation. Therefore, if you live in Poland, you can buy them only for collecting purposes.

Medical cannabis seeds

Our assortment is really huge, also when it comes to medical cannabis seeds. We have selected a few of them and you can find their descriptions below.

NL5 Haze Mist- Green House Seed

NL5 Haze Mist Green House Seed

Marijuana and hemp seeds NL5 Haze Mist Green House Seed

Awarded already in 1996 at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdamie for first place in the category Hydro, variety NL5 Haze Mist with a predominance of Sativa (70%) and an admixture of Indica (30%), it still has devoted fans and constantly attracts new people. There is no denying that genes play a huge role in the cannabis hobby, and NL5 Haze Mist has something to be proud of. Pure Haze, Northern Light #5 straight from the USA and Kali Mist Queen Sativa is a strong combination that adds value to any collection.

Mature tops NL5 Haze Mist contain approx. 14% THC and 8% CBD, have a rich aroma of ripe berries, chestnuts and wood. The taste of the smoke is almost identical, very pleasant. It has a sweet character on the inhale and refreshing on the exhale. It really does resemble an Indica and the uninformed can get it wrong.

The mist provides high energy, so it is not meant to waste time. You will feel light, uplifted, joyful and creative. Withdrawal will disappear, optimism and motivation will return. You will be ready for action if you have something to do and self-expressive when you are in the company. Some are really more open to the world and other people, they say more than usual by exchanging valuable experiences, which is why it is a very good smoke to share. At the end comes a satisfying feeling of calm and relaxation.

Many varieties Sativa tends to cause anxiety. The cannabinoid profile of this strain effectively prevents this. The high is pleasant, manageable. Experts say that the side effects of vaping this strain are nothing more than a dry mouth and sore cheeks from a wide smile that lingers long after ingestion.

Thanks to this variety, many patients have overcome such difficulties as social withdrawal, low self-esteem, cognitive dysfunction, mood disorders, neuralgia, depression, PTSD. This change improved their mood, helped them see solutions and taught them to live by thinking positively.

Stress Killer CBD Auto / Royal Queen Seeds

THC Level: Medium (11%) CBD: High

Stress Killer CBD Auto RQS

marijuana seeds Stress Killer CBD Auto RQS

Stress Killer CBD Auto is a hybrid created by combining the genes of Lemon Haze, Juanita la Lagrimosa and a wild-growing strain - ruderalis. The result was an autoflowering marijuana plant with a strong citrus flavor and aroma, yielding a large yield. This plant contains a large amount of therapeutic cannabidiol, which is why it is classified as medical marijuana. Induces a high that allows you to concentrate and calm down to the max. With Stress Killer Auto CBD you can achieve an exceptional plant both indoors and outdoors. In cultivation indoor the total time from seed germination to harvest will take approximately 11-12 weeks. After this period, the plants will grow to a maximum height of 1,4 meters, and the yield from one square meter of the crop will reach up to 500 g. Stress Killer CBD Auto more can be extracted, but it should be ensured in the most optimal conditions. These conditions will include warm and rich in plenty of sunlight, climate. In these conditions Stress Killer CBD Auto they can reach up to 160 cm in height. One individual can provide up to 160 g of crops rich in therapeutic cannabidiol. The therapeutic effect of this strain is primarily to push away the dark clouds, which will make worries disappear and the mind become clear and focused. In addition to the high content CBDStress Killer Auto CBD also contains 11% THC, giving it a light high, but mild enough to enjoy throughout the day.

Dos Si Dos 33 / Barney’s Farm

Dos Si Dos 33

marijuana seeds Dos Si Dos 33 Barneys Farm

THC level: very high (22-28%)

Dos Si Dos 33 is a combination of the most popular varieties from the US, both Indica and Sativa. She produces beautiful plants with a very high THC and a rich composition of terpenes. All this makes communing with this plant a real feast for the senses. Dos Si Dos 33 is a project that has captured the characteristics of strains such as OGKush Breath (OGKB), Cookies Kush i Gelato#33. In addition to the fact that these varieties have a common American origin and are very popular, each of them is absolutely unique. What can we expect from their mix – Dos Si Dos 33? Certainly easy-to-grow plants that, thanks to their high resistance, will cope well in more difficult conditions, even in a cold climate. Thanks to a slight genetic advantage Indica, the plants remain low and unobtrusive. Their total height does not exceed 90 cm. The best results can be achieved with the ScrOG mesh and training techniques such as Topping and LST. The strength of this variety is in the range of 22-28% THC, a value that, according to the producer himself, is able to calm down and make an angry elephant happy. Taking this as a metaphor, we can expect this cannabis to have a healing effect in severe cases and bring a euphoric-relaxing high to everyone, even a seasoned consumer. Dos Si Dos 33 is capable of producing 700g of great buds per square meter in cultivation Indoor and up to 2 kg! in California cultivation Outdoor. The smoke of burning buds has a taste that consumers most simply describe as "delicious", and it is a combination of mint, citrus and spices.

Medical applications Dos Si Dos 33

Medical marijuana patients appreciate this variety for its near-total physical relief from stress, anxiety, cramps, nausea, and pain of all kinds (muscles, joints, tendons, head, spine, etc.). They claim that it also works well in case of sleep problems, although it should not be used just before falling asleep (preferably 1-2 hours earlier).

CBD Blue Shark / Barney’s Farm

CBD Blue Shark Barneys Farm

marijuana seeds CBD Blue Shark Barneys Farm

THC level: 6,5% CBD: 6,5%

CBD Blue Shark it's a dominant hybrid Indica with a THC and CBD content in a 1:1 ratio. It provides a mild intoxication as well as a pronounced and long-lasting sense of calm and relaxation. It is a lifeline for patients who, thanks to strong, medical strains Indica they feel locked in their private world. WITH CBD Blue Shark you will forget about your illnesses and reveal your social nature. This strain is also friendly to beginner, recreational consumers.

CBD Blue Shark medical use:

From a medical point of view CBD Blue Shark:
– relieves pain and inflammation. There are known cases of regaining comfort by people suffering from sciatica, chronic fibromyalgia and inflammatory bowel disease. Without a doubt, it will also cope with lesser caliber diseases.
– is a variety worth recommending for people struggling with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress. Even small doses significantly alleviate such symptoms and help to get out of unpleasant mental states. Then you should follow the flow and make efforts to change your attitude, directing your attention to the positive and dealing with what gives you the greatest joy (preferably together with similar people).
– eliminates nausea and counteracts some of the side effects of taking medications.
– does not cause drowsiness, but when used a few hours before bedtime, it facilitates falling asleep.
– can be used by patients during the day.
In some cases, marijuana is therapeutic, in others symptomatic. Do not ignore any disturbing symptoms. It is recommended to consult a specialist doctor.

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush / Dutch Passion

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush Dutch Passion

hemp seeds CBD Auto Blackberry Kush – these are feminized seeds from Dutch Passion

THC level:small (<1%) LARGE CBD 15%

Feminized marijuana seeds CBD Auto Blackberry Kush from producer Dutch Passion allow you to grow a plant rich in CBD. The content of cannabinoids, i.e. CBD, is about 15%, which is a really high value. This automatic strain contains less than 1% THC, so it will not cause psychoactive effects, so it will be good news for those who do not take it well and for those. version of marijuana CBD Auto Blackberry Kush it is a great variety to use in supporting the treatment of, among others, depression, eating disorders, pain, inflammation. There is no psychoactive effect that is directly related to the THC content.

Thanks to the genetics of the award-winning Blackberry Kush, this strain boasts a unique aroma of sweet blackberry. CBD Auto Blachberry Kush not only smells beautiful, but also looks beautiful. The leaves and flowers of this variety take on interesting dark blue and dark purple hues. In cultivation Indoor, this cannabis strain finishes after about 11 weeks. The yields are not very abundant, but we can certainly count on a large amount of resin.

CBD Auto 20:1/ Fast Buds

CBD Auto 20 1 Fast Buds

CBD Auto 20 1 cannabis seeds Fast Buds

THC level: small (0.3 – 0.85%), CBD: (10 - 20%)

Variety CBD Auto 20:1 contains CBD and THC exactly in the ratio of 20/1. With a tetrahydrocannabinol content below 0,85%, the CBD content reaches up to 20%! This marijuana is therefore ideal for creating medicines, cosmetics, ointments, CBD oils or other specifics that will have a beneficial effect on mental and physical health.

Manufacturer Fast Buds created a variety that is considered legal in many countries around the world, thanks to the trace amounts of the psychoactive compound - THC. However, before you decide to purchase these seeds for cultivation, and not just for collecting purposes, you should carefully check the medical marijuana laws that apply in your country. CBD relieves pain, anxiety disorders and depression. CBD Auto 20:1 therefore, it will work well for those who are exposed to a large dose of stress and, for example, for those who complain about chronic pain. With a trace amount of THC, no psychotropic effect will be felt.

All descriptions of varieties and mentions of cultivation techniques, cultivation, care and plant growth have been written based on the descriptions of the seed producers of these varieties. The descriptions in no way encourage you to break the law. Polish law prohibits sprouting and cultivation of marijuana.

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