The mysterious genetic world of hemp or the strangest varieties of marijuana:

Marijuana is one of the most popular psychoactive plant products in the world. It has fascinated both recreational and medical users for years. However, few people realize that the world of cannabis is so diverse. There are thousands of varieties, with different flavors, aromas and effects. In this post we will look at the unusual, and unusual strains of cannabis, which have gained popularity in recent years. We have collected the most popular of them into one collection entitled: THE WEIRDEST VARIETIES OF MARIJUANA.

Unfortunately, currently feminized seeds are only available for the first of the following strange marijuana varieties, in the case of the second one, only regular seeds are available, and when it comes to the last strange strain of cannabis, there is no information even from the world-class Dutch producer Barney’s Farmwhen it will be possible to buy seeds again. However, it is possible that someone owns the seeds of these marijuana varieties and lives in a country where cultivation is permitted by law, then they have a chance to take a closer look and experience the amazingness of these strains, especially when it comes to their appearance.

The strangest varieties of marijuana Frisian Duck

Unusual shape of cannabis leaves - the strangest varieties of marijuana

Marijuana variety Frisian Duck od Dutch Passion – “duck foot” from a Dutch manufacturer

Frisian Duck is a fascinating variety of marijuana offered in the form of feminized seeds by a renowned Dutch producer Dutch Passion. It is a plant that surprises with both its original appearance and strong character. It is extremely characterized unusual leaves, which clearly distinguishes it from the traditional shape of a cannabis leaf.

Dutch Passion Frisian Duck was created as a result of crossing strains Frisian Dew from Ducks Foot. One of the first things that attract attention are the unusual reminder leaves duck foot. This is a characteristic feature of this variety, although it is worth noting that at the end of the flowering process, mainly in the top part of the plant, the leaves begin to take on a more typical hemp appearance.

Frisian Duck, grown outdoors, can reach an impressive height of up to 2.5 meters, but under cultivated conditions indoor, this height is usually about 1.5 meters. What is even more interesting and unusual is that this variety can take on beautiful shapes purple shades, which further delights marijuana users and makes this particular strain deserve a place in the "weirdest marijuana strains" list. Additionally, the seeds of this variety can be purchased without any problems and are feminized.

Why you should consider giving it a try Frisian Duck Dutch Passion? This is a variety that stands out not only for its own sake unique appearance, but also with a gentle and relaxing effect. Moreover, it is relatively easy to grow and does not require a lot of work. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for both beginner growers and people who value discretion. Frisian Duck Dutch Passion it is also an excellent option for those who are looking for subtle effects and want to enjoy pleasant relaxation without intense intoxication. This is a variety that combines extraordinary aesthetics with a pleasant consumer experience.

Australian Bastard Cannabis by Nomad Seed Bank – A Fascinating, Weird Cannabis Strain

Australian Bastard Cannabis

This is an extraordinary strain of cannabis straight from Australia, also known as ABC and Bindi Buds. If a grower wants to maintain discretion while growing, this marijuana variety will be perfect. It is rumored that ABC originated in the 70s and was the result of the evolution of local Australian plants, crossed with varieties released on the market at that time.

ABC (Australian Bastard Cannabis) grows to a small size, with lobed leaves, completely different from those of "traditional" hemp plants. It is also characterized by the lack of intense odor. Up close, you can feel subtle notes of lemon and pine, intertwined with a hint of Italian dill. The plants have high THC levels and an uplifting effect (typical of Sativa) as well as a dreamy cerebral effect. Currently on the market you can only get regular seeds this strain. Due to its specific, mutating genetics, no one has yet managed to produce stable, feminized seeds of the ABC variety. However, this does not prevent the Australian Bastard Cannabis variety from being included in our list: the strangest varieties of marijuana – You must admit that it is truly inconspicuous!

If you are interested marijuana mutations click on the image below to be taken to our post explaining the topic.

marijuana mutations

DR Grinspoon – a variation in honor of the Harvard activist

DR Grinspoon cannabis strain from Barney’s Farm This concludes our list entitled the strangest varieties of marijuana. DR Grinspoon is an extraordinary journey into the world of pure Sativa. This amazing strain is named after the distinguished Harvard psychiatry professor Lester Grinspoon, who became an icon of cannabis research and activism in the field.

This pure Sativa gem is made for outdoor cultivation (outdoor) in warm and dry climatic conditions. Dr. Grinspoon can reach an impressive height of 160 cm, so you need to have plenty of space, but for growers with limited space, techniques such as LST and ScrOG can prove invaluable. However, it is certainly worth it, because the reward for patience is an unforgettable harvest. Full maturity of this Sativa occurs after 95 days of flowering, which translates into harvesting outdoors in November.

the strangest varieties of marijuana

Dr. Grinspoon looks extremely attractive. Ripe buds are intensely green, covered with shiny THC crystals and red-brown pistils. They have a light, airy structure, which distinguishes them from more compact flowers Indica. Their aroma is a combination of the pleasant scent of lemon. After concentrated drying, the smoke offers a smooth experience with a rich tropical fruit and honey flavor. Expected yields are approximately 350g/m2. In the case of this strain, we paid attention primarily to its unusual and unique structure of the bush.

As for effects, Dr. Grinspoon is a true daytime strain, delivering a cerebral, energizing high. Users report sharpened senses, increased creativity, concentration and a long-lasting feeling of joy, lasting up to several hours. People with ailments such as depression, mood disorders or chronic pain can find relief in it.

The story of Dr. Grinspoon himself, i.e. Lester Grinspoon, is as fascinating as this variety of cannabis. Initially a skeptic, he turned into an activist, convinced of the benefits of marijuana. His research and legalization efforts had a positive impact on society, and this strain, named in his honor, is a tribute to his contributions to cannabis awareness.

It is no wonder that it has its monument in the form of one of the strangest varieties of cannabis. Currently, it is not easy to get seeds of this strain, even on the manufacturer's website Barneys Farm.

Summary of the strangest varieties of marijuana

The strange shape of the leaves or the entire plant usually results from some type of mutation. These characteristic cannabis varieties, in addition to their specific, strange appearance, still retain their value in the form of a relaxing or medicinal effect. Considering the fact that the number of marijuana varieties is countless and, best of all, is constantly growing, we certainly won't have to wait long for another amazing variety to appear and join this list.

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WARNING! In Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous. This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and curiosity purposes only. Currently, more and more countries in the world allow their citizens to grow a marijuana bush for their own use, but Poland is not one of these countries yet.

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