The best marijuana strain in the world - which deserves this title?

Which cannabis strain to highlight here? What criteria should be chosen to indicate the best of the best?the best variety of marijuana Is it even possible to clearly indicate what is the best variety of marijuana on our globe? The best is the strongest? Or is the best marijuana strain in the world the one with the most soothing effect - with which the worries of everyday life will be forgotten, giving instead a blissful state of euphoric elation? Or maybe the best variety of marijuana is the one that grows the fastest and gives a huge, fat od THC yield, after lighting which the banana will not come off our face and we will fall like a log on the cover forgetting about God's world? Or maybe some winner of a prestigious cannabis competition eg. cannabis Cup – has the right to put a plaque on his desk titled: “best variety of marijuana”? In our opinion, it is impossible to indicate the one best variety ever - because almost every cannabis variety is unique and has its strengths and weaknesses.

What will be the choice?

In this post, I will take you on a journey through three varieties of marijuana that have such unique characteristics that each of them could be honored the best. It all depends on what the best means for whom - that's why I would like to point out that this is our subjective assessment. Everyone can have their own opinion and for everyone something else will be an indicator of "the best". However, since marijuana is supposed to unite and not divide, let's start!

Strongest Equals Best Cannabis Strain?

High-THC marijuana seeds:

For many connoisseurs, it is the potency (THC level) that determines whether a strain is good or not. The level of THC alone does not clearly translate into the quality of sensations that appear after burning. There is no denying that for many cannabis lovers, the more tetrahydrocannabinol, the better - so for them, the stronger the marijuana, the better.

Royal Gorilla RQS

Going against these requirements, in our opinion, it looks very nice Royal Gorilla from a Dutch manufacturer Royal Queen Seeds. This is a very potent hybrid variety with THC levels easily exceeding 25%. As a result, it burns with a variety Royal Gorilla from the march gives a cosmic kick, a state of relaxation and a noticeable increase in euphoric elation. The power in this case translates into the popularity of this variety also among patients who face chronic pain and other conditions. There is an automatic variant Royal Gorilla – so even impatient growers can have her in their collection in no time. There are many similar varieties, so everyone will find their best marijuana variety tailored to their needs. However, in our opinion, the best marijuana strain in this category is currently Royal Gorilla od RQS.

The best variety of marijuana is the one that yields the most?

The most abundant cannabis strains:

Purple Punch Barneys Farm

marijuana seeds Purple Punch Barneys Farm

There are quite a lot of strains that can give huge yields in the right conditions and in the hands of an experienced grower. However, one of them deserves recognition. It's about variety Purple Punch od Barney’s Farm. What makes this strain so special? Well, there are several issues. Firstly Purple Punch it is characterized by high resistance to cold, mold and to spider mites and powdery mildew that can wreak havoc on crops. Secondly. In the right hands and in ideal conditions outdoor you can squeeze up to - 2 kilograms from one plant. 2kg! And all this in beautiful, shiny green-purple colors of the inflorescence, the power of which is 25% THC! Cosmos!

Appreciated by the Jury - the winners of hemp competitions

There were a lot of winners of hemp competitions. Cannabis competitions such as the Cannabis Cup have also changed over the years. Different competitions, categories, years make it difficult to choose the best one. CBD Skunk Haze from Dutch Passion – to win the Cannabis Cup multiple times. The jury appreciated the balanced ratio of CBD to THC and the extremely aromatic terpene profile.CBD Skunk Haze

Shortly after its launch in 2013, Variety CBD Skunk Haze won the 3rd prize in the category Sativa at the Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto, Canada. However, it wasn't until 2016 that was absolutely phenomenal for growers with Dutch Passion. CBD Skunk Haze because she won 3 cannabis cups in Canada alone! She won the first prize at the Karma Cup in the "Medicine" category in Toronto. In addition, it took 2nd place in the CBD category at the Lift Expo in Vancouver and in Toronto. So here we are dealing with a variety that won the hearts of the jury four times for its amazing properties. So is this the best marijuana strain? For customers Dutch Passion in a sense yes, because in this category, it is also the absolute bestseller of this manufacturer.

The final verdict

So which of the above varieties is the best? There is no clear answer to this question, although in our opinion all cannabis strains are winners. Why does almost every cannabis strain have some sort of chance of being called “best marijuana strain”? Because we are all lucky that there is a plant on our planet that has so many variants, be it taste, smell, feel, medical, different varieties have different strength, colors, height and we decide which one in our opinion deserves to be called the best. The best one is the one we choose for ourselves, which will meet all our expectations, and all the magic of marijuana will always give us something extra, e.g. a state of calm, creation, relaxation, etc. We have almost unlimited possibilities - it is worth appreciating.

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