The best analgesic marijuana strains

Many medical patients use cannabis for its pain-relieving properties. Initially, these properties were used in patients in more severe cases, i.e. in multiple sclerosis, or, for example, to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy. Currently, more and more often, patients themselves indicate to their doctors that they want to use marijuana, e.g. migraine, muscle or post-traumatic pain. Compared to other painkillers available in pharmacies, marijuana causes significantly fewer side effects. Besides, chronic pains (e.g. headaches or muscle pains) are not everything. Many people, together with oppressive pain, also struggle with inflammation, fatigue, nervousness or depression, in which marijuana can also be very helpful, and in which other painkillers do not help.

What marijuana produces an analgesic effect?

There are cannabis genetics that we immediately associate with pain-relieving effects. Legendary genes include: Jack Herer and/ or OG Kush. However, on the medical marijuana market, we can meet a much greater variety of medicinal genes, including those that work primarily as an analgesic. In Germany, at the momentthere are over 100 medical varieties marijuana! In order to obtain even better medical effects, new crosses are created, such as OG kush x Wedding Cake; White Russian Black Domina or, for example, G13 x Afghani. Some say it really is all varieties of marijuana are medical, although some genetics cause definitely more effects conducive to the therapeutic effect of cannabis. But are there any dependencies in the content of cannabinoids or other phytochemicals that make marijuana more medical, e.g. in terms of pain relief?

Analgesic Marijuana.

Which Cannabis Relieves Pain? This question can be answered in a more general way. Cannabis, or marijuana in other words, are plants that contain hundreds of unique compounds that together affect the final effect (synergy effect) on the human body. The most studied hemp cannabinoid compounds to date are THC and CBD. In all hemp, both compounds are present, however, e.g. in hemp, which is legal in Poland, THC can be present at a level of up to max. 0,3%, and in illegal cannabis CBD may be present in trace amounts.

the best analgesic marijuana strains

What compounds in cannabis have an analgesic effect?

Both listed cannabinoids (THC and CBD) significantly affect the analgesic effect of marijuana. THC directly affects the receptors in the human endocannabinoid system. Cannabidiol, or CBD, affects these receptors indirectly, regulating the work taking place in the system responsible for the internal balance of the body. Lesser known cannabinoids that may also contribute to the analgesic effect of cannabis are CBC (Cannabichromene) and THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin).

However, as we mentioned, in addition to THC and CBD, hemp contains a huge amount of other cannabinoids in various proportions, as well as terpenes and other chemical compounds. Hence, there is no exact "recipe" for the best analgesic marijuana, and there are only varieties that have been tested for pain relief and those that contain a large amount of analgesic cannabinoids, i.e. THC and / or CBD, as well as terpenes and phytochemicals with analgesic potential .

hemp terpenes with analgesic effect

Analgesic terpenes in cannabis

For cannabis terpenes with analgesic potential include, among others:

  • Beta-caryophyllene – anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic effect. It stimulates the endogenous secretion of β-endorphin peptide precursors, which produce an analgesic effect. It is of the greatest importance in reducing neuralgia.
  • linalool – the use of linalool results in a local anesthetic effect. Linalool may exert an analgesic effect by activating the opioidergic system, the same as that of, for example, morphine.
  • myrcene - increases the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, has an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. It stimulates the body to produce natural painkillers. Its analgesic effect is enhanced by the presence of other terpenes, i.e. citral and/or beta-caryophyllene.
  • pinene – blocks inflammation and has a potential n-type analgesic effecteuropaque and inflammatory.

Current varieties of medical marijuana in Polish pharmacies to relieve chronic and chronic pain, as well as pain associated with cancer.

Let's start with the fact that the analgesic effect is included in the description of each variety of medical marijuana that can be purchased in Polish pharmacies. The problem arises when it comes to the availability of the drug, which is still at a dramatically low level. We learn from the website that as of today (June 21.06.2023, XNUMX) patients suffering from pain have, to a greater or lesser extent, access to e.g. to the following drugs:

  • Cannabis Flos THC 18% CBD 1% (Tilray)
  • Cannabis floris extractum normatum THC 5% CBD <1% (PharmaCann)
  • Cannabis Flos THC 8% CBD 8% (Aurora)
  • Cannabis Flos THC 20% CBD 1% (Aurora)
  • Cannabis Sativa L., Red No. 2 (Spectrum Cannabis)
  • Cannabis Flos THC 8%, CBD 7% (Canopy Growth)
new medical marijuana Aurora

Analgesic marijuana strains 


Tropicana Cookies Auto / Fast Buds 

Tropicana Cookies Auto Fast Buds best marijuana seeds indica 2023 pain relief

It is a very strong, psychoactive variety of marijuana with a THC content of up to 27%. Its action helps prepare the body for sleep. It has a calming effect on the mind and relaxes the body. Due to the high potency of this variety, the effect can last for several hours. In addition to the aforementioned relaxation, the producer Fast Buds describes the action Tropicana Cookies Auto like uplifting mood, causing a feeling of joy and the most important) relieving chronic pain.


Strawberry Gorilla Auto

analgesic marijuana seeds strawberry gorilla auto fat bud

Another very strong variety with a THC level of up to 28%. Effects Strawberry Gorilla Auto is complex, it starts in the head as an intense feeling of joy that stimulates creativity. After a few minutes, the strong effect transforms into a mild relaxing effect for body and mind. In addition, it is a great variety that can treat muscle pain and loss of appetite while stimulating the creation during the day.

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto

auto marijuana seeds Gorilla Zkittlez Auto Fast Buds relieves muscle pain

The effect of this strain slowly builds up and becomes really powerful. The effect begins with pleasant relaxation with a strong sense of happiness that stimulates creativity and cheers up. Strong happy high gradually fades away and enters into a long-term narcotic effect that can help treat symptoms of insomnia and muscle pain.

Chocolate Haze / RQS

Chocolate Haze RQS marijuana strain relieves migraine pain

This pain-relieving variety of marijuana is almost clean sativa (95%)that can help people struggling with arthritis, muscle pain, stress and migraine. Except that Chocolate Haze stimulates creation and helps to collect thoughts. It may also occur euphoric high and an additional dose of energy lasting up to about 2 hours. It's marijuana that it will help to deal with depression, alleviate the symptoms of ADHD.

OG Kush / RQS

OG Kush RQS analgesic effect, relieved migraines

Analgesic OG Kush it works deeply relaxing for body and mind. That makes the variety popular among medical users who want to get rid of various physiological symptoms of migraine. The effect is more Sativa-like, although it is predominant in this marijuana genotype Indica. OG Kush It is used both for recreational and therapeutic purposes.

White Widow / RQS 

White Widow Royal Queen Seeds myrcene analgesic variety, caryophyllene thc

White Widow od Royal Queen Seeds is another variety that can be a good choice for relieve an upcoming migraine attack. Action uplifting and guarantees a strong high. The first effect hits the head, then spreads throughout the body. The buds of this variety produce large amounts of terpenes, such as: myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene.


Banana Purple Punch Auto

Banana Purple Punch painkillers of marijuana

The effect of this strain starts with a nice head high that slowly turns into a strong, long-lasting sedative effect. Relaxation covers the whole body, with relieves pain, stress and symptoms associated with loss of appetite. Solid Indica with 26% THC that will lull you to sleep. An additional advantage is the terpene profile - candy, with the taste of ripe banana and fruit.

Pineapple Express 

pineapple express cannabis seeds analgesic varieties of marijuana

In this variety, the dominant terpene is myrcene, especially appreciated by patients for their analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. The entire terpene profile of this strain generates a fresh scent of sweet pineapple, pine and herbal notes. Pineapple Express works fast, raises energy levels and improves mood. With time the effect goes into calming and concentration. 

Auto Night Queen

car-night-queen- Dutch Passion analgesic, anti-anxiety marijuana variety

This marijuana strain has a heavy, long-lasting high that is appreciated by both medical and recreational users. Auto Night Queen it relaxes and relaxes, reduces stress and has anti-anxiety and analgesic properties. This is one of those varieties that it stimulates the appetite. The mental and physical effects are typically indica. After more quantity is guaranteed long sleep.

The Ultimate

Dutch Passion marijuana seeds The Ultimate analgesic variety

Most of the time with this variety the effect is calming and uplifting with a strong anxiolytic effect. It can also raise the level of creation and motivate to creative activities due to the combination of energizing and calming effects. The Ultimate it's high appreciated by many users of medical marijuana. Known for that relieves pain, probably due to the gene content Indica and a unique terpene profile.

Pineapple Chunk

Pineapple Chunk Barneys Farm marijuana for pain

Medical marijuana users appreciate this strain for its properties analgesic, anti-inflammatory and relaxingthat help you fall asleep. The high THC level of 25% causes a long-lasting effect, even for several hours. The whole operation can be described as cerebral, mildly euphoric, enhancing creativity and concentration. The terpene profile contributes to the sweet taste and aroma of this strain, which is characterized by notes of pineapple, pine, cheese and earth.

Glue Gelato Auto 

Glue Gelato Auto Barneys Farm analgesic effect of marijuana

Variety for gourmets. Its fragrance notes are chocolate and sweet berries, with an earthy background. The effect of this cannabis can be described as: uplifted, relaxed, calming, euphoric. Medical marijuana users appreciate this variety for its analgesic and sedative effect.

Dance World 

Dance World RQS medical marijuana variety for pain relief

CBD marijuana strain from RQS, which some people use as natural analgesics, sedatives, antispasmodics and anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition to its therapeutic properties, this genetic also produces a positive, motivating high. The high CBD content makes it a successful strain Dance World used as medical marijuana.


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