In search of speed demons, i.e. the fastest growing varieties of marijuana

The fastest growing marijuana strains

The fastest growing marijuana strains

Marijuana is an amazing plant in many ways. It has amazing medical properties, aroma and taste, interesting effects and for a one-season plant it can reach exorbitant sizes. Cannabis can reach up to several meters in height in the right conditions and with the appropriate experience of the grower. But which varieties grow the fastest? In this article, we'll take a look at some of these strains that mature very quickly and have other interesting traits as well.

Fast growing marijuana seeds

For starters, a quick slot from Barney’s Farm

To Si Dos Auto because it belongs to her fastest growing marijuana strainsthat are currently available on the market. The time from seed to harvest for this variety is only approx 75 days! A real express. Blend American genes is mainly responsible for the characteristics of this strain. Do Si Dos Auto was created from a cross Face OG Kush x Girl Scout Cookies x BF Super Auto. This strain is a show of strength Dutch manufacturer in the field of the latest genetics and marijuana breeding. The growers at Bareny's Farm have created a strain that not only grows fast, but also achieves a good harvestwhich may even reach 800 grams per square meter! It's not everything! The THC level is estimated at 20% and all this on a one-meter plant. Well, something amazing. Fast, strong and efficient! It's also delicious, but you have to see for yourself - because no words can describe it.

Fast giant from Green House Seed

The fastest growing marijuana strains on the site GHS represents the strain in this ranking Big Bang Auto. It is healing indicawhich is only needed from 6 to 7 weeks of flowering, to give birth to a very substantial harvest, oscillating in the limit 500 grams per m2. It's all even available for beginnersbecause this variety is relatively easy to cultivate. Flowering itself will start about 5 weeks after planting (indoor). This variety is known for its healing properties: relieves pain, inflammation, helps in the fight against lack of appetite and insomnia. Perceptible herbal aromas mixed with citrus. Summing up with Big Bang Auto It's a lot, fast and super fun.

Orange hit from Dutch Passion

From the category fastest growing marijuana strains Dutch manufacturer Dutch Passion offers a very interesting item, viz Auto Critical Orange Punch. It is a hybrid (ratio indica do sativa is 50:50) which only needs to 100 days so that you can cut down and enjoy a good harvest. The plant achieves up to a meter high, and the skunk-citrus crop can reach (under the right conditions and in the hands of an experienced grower) even up to 700 grams per m2. Overall, anyone should be able to handle this strain, which is why this strain of marijuana is so sought after by collectors. As you can see, the speed of growth is not the only advantage and argument in favor of having seeds in your collection Auto Critical Orange Punch od Dutch Passion.

The Fastest Growing Cannabis Strains - Are There Others?

Of course, the list above is just an introduction to a long list of cannabis strains that don't take long to show their full beauty. It should be remembered that breeding in a country such as Poland is not dosed by law, and the germination of seeds can have unpleasant consequences. This entry is for information purposes only and is not an encouragement to break the law. We cordially invite you to follow us on Facebook i Instagramwhere you will be up to date with promotions, competitions and discounts!

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