The fastest slots indoor

The fastest slots indoor - TOP 5

Many collectors are looking for varieties that are perfect for the conditions indoor. Since the pool of varieties suitable for home cultivation is huge, in this post we will focus only on them fastest slot machines indoor. The question is often asked how much time do the fastest slot machines take? It all depends on the variety, but you can safely assume an average of 6 weeks of flowering alone. Of course, our Top 5 is a subjective assessment that takes into account all the qualities of the plant and not everyone has to share our choices. There's nothing to worry about. In the shop There are so many varieties that everyone will find something for themselves. Let's start without any unnecessary writing.

Sativa od Dutch Passion - Auto Orange Bud

Dutch producer Dutch Passion has an automatic version in its assortment Orange Bud. Since it's an autoflowering strain, the flowering time will also be short - only 8 weeks. Short flowering time this is not the only advantage of this strain. Auto Orange Bud is compact (reaches from 60 to 125 centimeters in height) and boasts a high THC - 20%. It is appreciated both for its orange notes and its joyful, euphotic high. The prices of feminized seeds of this marijuana variety, of course in the original packaging, start at PLN 161 for 3 seeds.

Auto Orange Bud Dutch Passion
Easy Bud Package

Perfect for beginners - Easy Bud od RQS

Another proposition from the Dutch land. When it comes to the fastest slot machines indoor, Royal Queen Seeds has for you Easy Bud. A trivially easy to grow variety that blooms for only 5 to 7 weeks, has many supporters around the world. This indica-dominant hybrid has an earthy, citrusy aroma and physical high. It is low, grows to about one meter in height, giving up to 325 grams per square meter of beautifully fragrant yield.

Something for fans of deep relaxation - Auto LSD od Barney’s Farm

Continuing the list: “the fastest slots indoor” it is impossible not to distinguish varieties from the manufacturer Barney’s Farm. In the category of fast, autoflowering, suitable for growing at home, this variety fits perfectly Cars LSD. It's powerful indicawith a flowering time of only 6 weeks. After this time, you can enjoy substantial, heavy yields (up to 650 grams per m²) that put the user in a euphoric, uplifting, psychedelic and soothing mood. THC is very high and amounts to 23%. As with most autoflowering strains, this is a compact plant whose height should not exceed 120 centimeters.

LSD Auto Barneys Farm
Northern Light Auto RQS

Almost odorless Northern Light Auto od RQS

Producer again Royal Queen Seeds in our listing. This time with a variety that seasoned collectors need no introduction. Automatic version Northern Lightis the variety which blooms briefly (from 5 to 7 weeks), reaches a maximum of 120 centimeters in height and does not emit a characteristic smell during the flowering phase - and this is a very important thing for some, which they take into account when choosing seeds. This variety is weaker than its full-season counterpart (THC is about 14% according to the manufacturer's instructions), which is why it is often chosen by marijuana-treated patients. Thanks to its uplifting effect, this strain has also gained a large following among recreational cannabis users. Huge yield often exceeding 500 gram from a square meter makes almost everyone happy in this case :).

classic classics - Auto AK-47

These are the most frequently chosen seeds in our store. Variety AK-47 in the automatic version, it takes 6 to 8 weeks to flower. This hybrid delights with sweet, fruity aroma, a substantial yield reaching up to 500 grams per m², with a height of up to 130 centimeters. THC exceeds 15% which makes her quite potent. Perfect for cultivation indoor even for inexperienced cannabis advocates. In action, it is calming, even relaxing. Thanks to the above features, AK-47 in the auto version, it simply had to be on the list: the fastest automatics indoor.

auto ak-47 ziarno zycia

The fastest slots indoor

We remind you that the entry of the fastest slots indoor we wrote in for educational purposes only. We do not encourage anyone to break the law, reminding that seeds are legal in Poland (trade and possession) but you cannot grow them. Please follow us on Facebook (click) and Instagram (click) to stay up to date.

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