The fastest slots outdoor

For all growers outdoorthose who may be surprised by low temperatures, fast and at the same time resistant genetics will be good. Many growers say fast, think - Automata. If you don't know the difference between slot machines and full-season games, here we explain everything. In this post, however, we will give you a few selected fast auto varieties that are characterized by high resistance, thanks to which they will work great in growing conditions OUTDOOR.

How long do the fastest slot machines grow outdoor ?

The fastest growing auto seeds for outdoor they have a flowering phase that lasts as little as 5-6 weeks! Including vegetation and germination, the entire growing period for the fastest autos can be around 8-10 weeks. This is great news for those who live in areas with short summer periods, or for those growers who have the ability and want to have more than one harvest per season!

the fastest slot machines outdoor

What slot machines are best at outdoor?

In addition to the speed of cultivation, what other features are important when choosing an automatic for outdoor? Certainly the resistance of the genetics to pests, lower temperatures if the crop is not in hot or tropical climates, and resistance to molds and other diseases. An additional advantage will be the high efficiency of the machine, and if someone cares about it, a lot of THC cannabinoid responsible for the psychedelic effect. Do such genetics even exist? Of course! World producers of marijuana seeds outdo each other in better and better genetics, more resistant, efficient and spectacular. Many of them enjoy great recognition, e.g. Fast Buds, Barney’s Farm or Sensi Seeds!

The fastest slots outdoor - suggestions

Auto Blackberry Kush Dutch Passion

Auto Blackberry Kush Dutch Passion

So efficient, quality indica dark purple! Automatic genes Auto Blackberry Kush come from original Blueberry DP and genes Dark hash plant, which is a darker and very strong hash plant. According to the producer himself, this variety is a bestseller and a favorite of customers from all over the world. It is able to produce large buds in a relatively short time, i.e. even 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest! The awards won also prove that these autoseeds deserve your attention. Auto Blackberry Kush achieved 2018nd place at Highlife Cup XNUMX, in the category of automatic varieties. Fast flowering allows cultivation in virtually all regions of the world. About the sunniest months of the year are enough to give this genetic a chance to thrive. Sunny rainless seasons will be the best.

Pineapple Express Auto Barneys Farm

Pineapple Express Auto  Barney’s Farm

An autoflowering version of an award-winning, fruity Indica Pineapple Chunk. The plant's seed-to-harvest cycle takes only 9 weeks and the buds, as in the original, are delicious and soothing Indica. It is a hardy plant, not very demanding, and it does well in most environments Indoor, Czy Outdoor. It is generally recommended to root cuttings under controlled conditions before transplanting them outdoors. This mode of action reduces the risk of plant damage in the early stages. The vegetation phase lasts about 4 weeks, after which the plant will start flowering. Production includes many batches of shiny, aromatic and resinous buds, and takes another 30 days. You will get the best results if this period falls on the sunniest months.

Easy Bud

Easy Bud Royal Queen Seeds (RQS)

Marijuana variety Easy Bud it's childish easy to cultivate a plant that blooms only 5-7 weeks! It was created by crossing a strong Indica variety - White Indica with a strain of wild-growing Ruderalis cannabis. It flowers automatically, so it will be perfect for beginner growers. After about 6 weeks of the flowering phase, you can count on harvest from the crop Outdoor 30-80 grams from one plant. Due to its small size Easy Bud, it will be an ideal choice for those who do not have too much space for cultivation.

Auto Speed Bud / Female Seeds

Auto Speed Bud Female Seeds

strain Auto Speed Bud was created with impatient growers in mind as it is a very fast variety. This super automatic plant yields up to 53 days and the flowering time is only 35 days. This variety is very compact, i.e. the height of the yields obtained in cultivation indoor is about 40 - 60 cm, and the obtained ratio of leaves to flowers is very desirable. This variety does not need much attention when growing, but it is important that it is not too cold. The smell is not intense, which will probably be an advantage for most users.

Afghani #1 Automatic Sensi Seeds

Afghani#1 Automatic Sensi Seeds

To be created Afghani#1 Automatic the best plants were used Indica imported from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan and Ruderalis hemp. Afghani Auto proudly represents her ancestors by autoflowering, producing large, dense and highly resinous buds.  Afghani autoflowering version ensures fast growth and high durability, which guarantees successful cultivation with little effort. Afghani Auto's many benefits are available to beginners and advanced growers alike, whatever your preference Indoor i Outdoor. The approximate total growing time for Afghani Automatic is 3 months. The manufacturer advises against pruning plants of this variety, declaring that it does not ultimately increase the yield.

What are the best cultivation techniques that the fastest machines prefer? outdoor?

What are the best cultivation techniques that the fastest machines prefer? outdoor

In the world of cultivation outdoorIn other words, fast machines are like sprinters in a plant marathon - they start quickly, develop rapidly and reach the finish line in record time. But like any good athlete, they need the right training and conditions to achieve their best results. Here are some techniques that will make your slot machines the fastest outdoor they will grow like magic.

Sun, sun and once again sun: Fast slot machines outdoor they love sunlight. Choose a place where they have access to as much natural light as possible for most of the day. Remember, more light means faster growth and better yields.

Start like on a race track: Start with high-quality beans. Fast machines need a strong and healthy start. Choose varieties known for fast growth and good adaptation to external conditions. You can confidently choose the fastest slot machines outdoor described above.

Earth that breathes: Choose light and permeable soil, preferably with the addition of compost and perlite. Good drainage and air availability are the key to rapid root growth.

Fertilization, but wisely: Automatics do not need as intensive fertilization as other varieties. Use balanced fertilizers, preferably organic, but do not overdo it. Less is sometimes more.

Water – the basis of life: Regular but moderate watering is key. Don't let the soil get wet, but don't let it dry out either. Stability is important in this race for height.

No stress, complete relaxation: Avoid stressing plants. Fast automatons grow best when they can develop naturally, without pruning or excessive training.

Observation is the key: Be like a gardener-detective. Observe your plants, respond to their needs and learn from them. Each plant is a new story.

Remember, growing fast machines outdoor it's like dancing with nature to the rhythm of samba - fast, energetic and full of life.

Are the fastest slot machines outdoor need pruning?

Trimming the fastest slots outdoor it is nothing more than art that gives plants the opportunity to express their full potential. Every grower is a sculptor of sorts, and plants are works of art. Each cut, although delicate, has its own meaning.

In the case of fast machines outdoor, minimalism in trimming is the key. The fastest slot machines outdoor they have a short life cycle, so each cut must be thoughtful and purposeful. Instead of heavy pruning, it is better to focus on delicate modeling of the plant.

The basic goal is to increase the exposure of the lower parts of the plant to light and improve air flow around the leaves and shoots. This means lightly removing some of the lower leaves and those that shade other parts of the plant. Please remember that each cut is stressful for the plant, so you need to do it carefully.

Trimming slot machines outdoor it is best to carry out in the initial phase of their life, allowing the plants enough time to regenerate before flowering. It is extremely important not to prune too late in the plant's life cycle, as this can negatively impact the size and quality of the crop.

Remember that each plant is different and requires an individual approach. Observe your plants, get to know their needs and react according to what they "tell" you.

Summary – the fastest slot machines outdoor

The fastest slots outdoor, autoflowering marijuana strains grown outdoors, are gaining popularity for several key reasons. Their greatest advantage is the speed of growth and flowering. Unlike traditional photoperiod varieties, autoflowers do not require changes in the light cycle to switch from the growth phase to flowering. This means they can be harvested much faster, which is especially attractive to growers who want to get several harvests per season.

Another important feature of slot machines is their small size. They are perfect for those with limited space or those who prefer discreet cultivation. The smaller size of the plants makes them less visible and easier to handle, which is important in areas where marijuana cultivation is regulated by law.

The fastest slots outdoor they are also resistant to various environmental conditions. They are less sensitive to climate changes, which makes them ideal for growers in various climate zones, including those less favorable for growing marijuana. Their genetics, often a mixture of varieties indica, sativa and ruderalis, contributes to their durability and resistance to diseases and pests.

To sum up, the fastest slot machines outdoor They are popular due to their speed of growth, small size, discreetness, and resistance to various environmental conditions. These features make them an excellent choice for both experienced growers and people just starting their adventure with growing marijuana.

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