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marijuana is a plant known for its psychoactive properties and medical use. In recent years, cannabis growers and lovers have focused on development automatic varieties that are easier to grow and mature faster. In the laboratories of the largest seed producers, new marijuana strains that display the most desirable characteristics are constantly being improved and released to the market. Undoubtedly, one of them is the amount of yield that can be obtained from one bush. It is the flower that tigers like the most. Therefore, in this article, we will look at what are the biggest autoflowering strains, their benefits, how to grow them, and their side effects and uses.

What are automatic marijuana strains?

Automatic marijuana strains, also known as auto strains, are strains that automatically go from the growth phase to the flowering phase at a certain time, regardless of the length of the day. Unlike conventional marijuana strains that require proper lighting and a specific light cycle, auto varieties are more flexible and independent of seasonal changes.

What are the biggest autoflower strains?

Below you will find a short description showing some of the largest autoflowering marijuana strains available on the market. Given the largest varieties of marijuana from individual producers have gained popularity among collectors thanks to the huge amount of crops that can be obtained during breeding. Quality yield is the quintessence and purpose of cannabis cultivation.

The biggest slot machines RQS

Northern Light Auto od Royal Queen Seeds. This Dutch seed producer took advantage of it legendary genes, modern cannabis cultivation techniques and many years of knowledge to create a variety Northern Light Automatic, which is autoflowering marijuana. This strain is perfect for cultivation indoor, although if you live in warm climates, you may opt to grow it outdoor. Thanks to the presence of the genes of the variety Ruderalis, plant grows and blooms very quickly. After approx 9-10 weeks valuable crops can be harvested.

And speaking of yields. Undoubtedly Northern Light Auto can be safely saved to the group "The largest autoflowering varieties". In the automatic version, Northern Lights is a very productive plant! In conditions indoor you can even get up to 550 grams per square meter, and growing it outdoors in a warm climate, one individual can deliver even 200 gram valuable material. Of course, the final result depends on many factors, such as breeding conditions and the experience of the grower. Even novice growers should, however, achieve satisfying results with Northern Light Auto.

Except Auto Northern Light producer RQS points out that its latest f1 hybrid varieties are also fast and boast XXL yields:

Northern Light Auto RQS

marijuana seeds Northern Light Auto RQS

Pineapple Express Auto Barneys Farm

marijuana seeds Pineapple Express Auto Barneys Farm

Barneys Farm – the largest automatic varieties

Pineapple Express Auto is the younger sister of the full-season variety, Pineapple Chunk. This variety is durable and undemanding, is doing well both in cultivation indoorAnd outdoor. It is recommended to root the cuttings under controlled conditions before moving them outside, which reduces the risk of damage to the plants in the early growth phase, such as pest attacks or adverse weather conditions. The vegetative phase lasts about 4 weeks, after which the plant starts flowering. During this next 30 day phase she produces lots of juicy, aromatic and sticky buds covered in resin. For best results, it is recommended cultivation in the sunniest months. In the case of cultivation indoor, it is optimal to use 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness every day. Throughout the growth cycle, plants achieve maximum 110 cm highand the manufacturer estimates yields per 60-100 grams from a single plant. Yield per square meter is about 650 grams – that is why it can easily be included in the collection of “the largest automatic varieties”.

 Continued The biggest slots since Barneys Farm - Mimosa x Orange Punch Auto

Autoflower seeds Mimosa x Orange Punch Auto they have the potential to grow a truly stunning plant. The leaves of this strain take on various shades, from dark olive green to deep purple, which creates a beautiful contrast to the orange marijuana pistils. Thanks to the presence limonene and linalool terpenes, around these plants floats intense citrus-sweet aroma. Mimosa is a variety durable and compact, which makes it perfect for lovers small but efficient and resistant plants. Mimosa Orange Punch Auto produces large, resinous buds with an impressive body. Flowering period in the case of cultivation indoor is only 65 to 75 days. In such a cultivation, you can get yields of up to 500 grams per square meter. In the case of cultivation outside, under ideal conditions, individual plants can achieve height up to 1,2 meters, which translates into larger harvests, reaching even 700 grams per square meter. As you can see, the list: the greatest automatic marijuana strains would not be complete without Mimosa Orange Punch Auto.

mimosa x orange punch auto marijuana seeds barneys farm novelty 2023

Fast Buds and its largest automatic varieties

Biggest Slots – Northern Lights Auto od Fast Buds

Auto variety seeds Northern Lights Auto from an American manufacturer Fast Buds provide a quick and simple way to grow a beautiful and valuable plant. Flowering time is only 9 weeksand yields can even reach 500-600 grams per square meter – thus positioning this variety at the forefront of the largest automatic varieties. Thanks high resistance to weather conditions and pests, this variety can be chosen even by an amateur of cannabis cultivation. The compact size of the bushes is an advantage, especially since medium-sized plants provide large yields in the form of narrow and long buds. A large amount of resin that can be obtained from Northern Lights Auto, is ideal for hashish production.

Northern Lights Auto is genotypic indica predominance, which is evident in the structure of the leaves, the thick main stem and the sturdy side branches of the plant. The effect of action of this marijuana is typical Indica - deeply relaxing and literally mind-blowing. Northern Light it will provide you with a deep immersion in the couch and strong action, mainly physical. This strain is perfect for late evenings and for those who have trouble resting. The taste and aroma of this cannabis are extraordinary, they stand out spicy notes of peppers, spices and fruit.

Northern Lights Auto Fast Buds

marijuana seeds Northern Lights Auto Fast Buds

Lemon AK Auto Fast Buds

Lemon AK Auto Fast Buds

Lemon AK Auto – cd the biggest automatic varieties from Fast Buds

Fast Buds once again meets the expectations of lovers of the largest autoflowering strains. Lemon AK Auto it is definitely a variety worth recommending. Her flowering period totals about 9-10 weeksand cultivation is not too complicated. Thanks to yours pest resistance, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, and it is also perfect for novice growerswho want to gain more experience.

Lemon AK Auto stands out unusual terpenes with the smell of skunk, citrus and even sweet cakethat make the flowering time more pleasant. Her appearance also tempts the senses, thanks pink-red buds. Thanks to its compact structure, this variety does not require much space to achieve impressive yields. Mean height plants is about 90 cmand the efficiency can even reach 650 g / m2. In addition to the impressive production, it is worth paying attention to power this variety of cannabis. Contents THC it can even go up 25%. Fans of extracts will also be pleased, as this plant is an excellent producer of sticky and aromatic resin. When looking for the largest autoflowering cannabis strains, this is a very good choice Lemon AK Auto from FB.

Dutch Passion – the largest autoflowering marijuana strains

Dutch Passion and the fastest auto varieties

We start the autoflowering giants with The Ultimate automatically. This is a unique strain that impresses with its potency and extremely robust genetics. No wonder, considering his genes Mazara, which are one of the most stable available on the market. This genetic wealth makes Auto Ultimate it grows rapidly both upwards and sideways. In the blink of an eye, it is abundantly decorated with buds on the side branches as well as on the main stem.

This variety does not require special care. Even a novice grower can easily handle it. During cultivation, do not overdo either watering or fertilizing. Auto Ultimate it performs well in a variety of conditions, both outdoors and indoors, as well as different light cycles throughout the day. Of course, the more sun the better.

The manufacturer also recommends cultivation Auto Ultimate in hydroponic systems. Regardless of the choice of substrate - soil or water - many users unequivocally state that it can be obtained up to 1000 grams high-quality yield per square meter of crop. Therefore, without hesitation, we assigned Auto Ultimate to the category XXL in yield!

flowering Auto Ultimate However, high yields come at a price. Auto Ultimate is one of the auto strains that takes a little longer to bloom. It even needs a little over 12 weeks. The larger the plants you grow, the longer they will take to mature. They can easily reach even the height above 1,5 meters. Genes Mazarand of the seasonal Ultimate variety clearly leave their mark on them.

Auto Ultimate Dutch Passion

Marijuana and hemp seeds Auto Ultimate Dutch Passion

Advantages of automatic marijuana strains

Automatic marijuana strains have many advantages that attract growers. Here are some main advantages:

  • Fast time from seed to harvest: Auto varieties have a short life cycle, which means they can be harvested much faster.
  • Ease of cultivation: Auto strains are more forgiving to novice growers, they don't require a strict lighting schedule and light cycle.
  • Greater resistance to stress: Automatic marijuana strains tend to be more resistant to environmental stresses such as changing weather conditions and disease.
  • Discreetness: Due to their small size and short growing cycle, automatic strains are more discreet and can be more easily hidden from the public eye.

Growth in popularity of auto strains

In recent years, autoflowering cannabis strains have gained immense popularity among growers and cannabis enthusiasts. The main reasons for the increase in popularity are mainly related to the ease of cultivation, the possibility of obtaining a crop in a short time. And the latest genetics make the largest automatic varieties widely available, because modern crosses, thanks to gene selection, are characterized by high yield. The latest, above-mentioned achievements of hemp genetics often surprise the creators themselves. If we add to this the compactness of such plants, and the possibility of receiving crops several times a year, then the choice becomes obvious.

How to Grow Automatic Cannabis Strains?

Growing autoflowering marijuana strains can be relatively simple, especially for novice growers. Here are some important tips on how to grow the largest autos in countries where it is legal:

1) Choose the right seeds: Choose high-quality autoflower seeds from a trusted supplier. Make sure the seeds are fresh and healthy.

2) Choose the right pot capacity: Automatic marijuana strains usually grow well in 7 to 15 liter pots. This will give the plant adequate space for root development.

3) Lighting: Automatic marijuana strains grow well under both natural and artificial light. If you are growing plants indoors, choose the right LED or HPS lighting that will provide the right amount of light.

4) Watering: Automatic marijuana strains require regular watering, but over-watering should be avoided. Maintain a balance so that the earth is moist but not oversaturated with water.

5) Fertilization: Apply the right fertilizers for marijuana to provide your plants with the necessary nutrients. Remember to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and do not exceed the doses.

Tips for growers

Remember about the right pH: Check soil pH regularly and adjust it if necessary. Appropriate pH ensures better assimilation of nutrients by the plant.

Control humidity and temperature: Maintain optimal environmental conditions by ensuring proper humidity and temperature. Too high humidity can lead to mold, while too high temperature can negatively affect the development of the plant.

Remove damaged and dead leaves: Regularly remove leaves that are damaged, yellow or dead. This will help keep the plant healthy and prevent the spread of disease.

Safety and Legality of Cannabis Seeds

It is important to be aware of the regulations and to comply with local laws regarding the cultivation and consumption of marijuana. Remember that marijuana laws vary by country and region. Make sure you are fully aware of the laws and comply with them. All data, articles or descriptions contained on this website are provided for informational and interesting purposes only. We do not encourage anyone to break the law, on the contrary.

Effects and application

Even the largest auto strains can have different effects depending on their THC and CBD content. Some strains are more intoxicating and psychoactive, while others have analgesic and relaxing effects. Cannabis uses can include pain relief, stress reduction, mood enhancement, appetite support, and treatment of certain medical conditions.

Side effects

Consuming marijuana can be associated with certain side effects, such as dry mouth, increased appetite, anxiety, confusion, and problems with short-term memory. It is important to adhere to moderate consumption and be aware of individual tolerance.


Automatic marijuana strains are gaining popularity due to their many benefits and ease of cultivation. Choosing the right variety depends on the grower's preference and intended use. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the applicable law before buying seeds. Some states do not even allow the legal possession of seeds, let alone cultivation.

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ATTENTION! In Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous. This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and curiosity purposes only. Currently, more and more countries in the world allow their citizens to grow a marijuana bush for their own use, but Poland is not one of these countries yet.

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