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Fast Version Seeds

The fascinating world of marijuana seeds is an endless journey through various varieties, flavors, aromas and strengths. Fast Version Seeds For several years now, they have been gaining more and more supporters among collectors of cannabis seeds. These specially selected varieties are a real treat for breeders who appreciate fast cultivation time and crop quality at the highest level. In this article you will learn why Fast Version seeds are becoming more and more popular among cannabis lovers, as well as what their main advantages are.

What are Fast Version Seeds?

Fast Version marijuana seeds are hybrids that were created mainly by crossing classic varieties full-season with varieties autoflowering plants. Thanks to this combination, we obtain plants that still retain the characteristics typical of their type (photoperiodism), but they are growing much faster than traditional varieties.

Additionally, it is very common for Fast Version seeds to be highly resistant. They work very well in temperate, cooler climates where summer is short and autumn weather breakdowns can come quickly. The short summer often means that not every full-season variety (genetics sativa especially) is able to fully bloom. Fast Version seeds are therefore the perfect solution.

Why are fast version seeds so popular?

One of the main advantages of Fast Version seeds is that even though they depend on the change in the length of the light phase, i.e. they are photoperiod varieties, their life cycle has been significantly shortened. Thanks to this, we can enjoy full, plump buds much faster than in the case of seasonal varieties. Very often, for breeders in countries such as the Netherlands, where there is a moderate climate, this type of seeds are salvation. You can enjoy both varieties indica, sativa or hybrids, while taking advantage of the possibilities of outdoor breeding.

Main advantages of Fast Version seeds

  1. Fast Flowering Time: One of the biggest advantages of Fast Version seeds is undoubtedly the short flowering time. These varieties can be ready for harvest within 6-8 weeks from the moment flowering begins. This means that you can enjoy the harvest up to twice as fast as when growing traditional, full-season varieties.
  2. High Yield Quality: Despite rapid growth, Fast Version seeds do not lose the quality of the crop. You can expect delicious, aromatic buds that will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs.
  3. Resistance to Environmental Conditions: These varieties are often more resistant to environmental stresses than some traditional varieties. This makes them ideal for growers who want to avoid problems related to unfavorable weather conditions.
  4. High THC and CBD: Fast Version seed producers are well aware of market expectations, which is why many of these varieties have significantly increased THC or CBD content. So you can choose the strain that best suits your medical or recreational needs.

The best fast version seeds

Fast version seeds available on the market are enjoyed by collectors all over the world. Below we will present some very nice suggestions - strong, aromatic and proven fast version cannabis seeds.

Gorilla Cookies FF od Fast Buds

American manufacturer Fast Buds, which specializes mainly in creating automatic marijuana seeds, has recently added Fast version seeds, some really interesting varieties, to its collection. Strain Gorilla Cookies FF, is gaining more and more popularity. This is a very fast photoperiod variety, which means that we can control both its height and the start of flowering.

These two factors are highly appreciated among experienced growers. However, it is worth being aware that if we do not take care to limit its growth, it can reach an impressive height of up to 2,5 meters. Its characteristic, solid structure is the result of inheriting features from the parents of this variety. Gorilla Cookies FF develops a powerful main stem surrounded by numerous side branches, and all these branches can produce an abundant harvest of up to 650 grams per square meter.

marijuana seeds Gorilla Cookies FF Fast Buds fast flowering novelty 2023

Visual pleasure and intense aroma

One of the most striking features of the variety Gorilla Cookies FF there are her buds that not only look extremely attractive, but also have an intense scent of sweet cookies. These dense, resin-covered buds feature shades of green ranging from light to dark. Characteristic, bright, orange hairs appear on their surface, which make them even more expressive. This strain is a true work of nature's art that every cannabis lover will appreciate both visually and smelling.

Additionally, the American manufacturer declares a THC level of up to 30%! No wonder the seeds are fast version Gorilla Cookies FF od Fast Buds are in demand. But that's not the end of the good news.

Growth cycle and tips for growers

Variety Gorilla Cookies FF is a full-season (photoperiod) plant that has a short flowering period of only approx 7 weeks. This relatively short flowering time, combined with the beautiful appearance of the plant, makes the fast version Gorilla Cookies seeds gaining popularity both in Europa as well as overseas. It is worth mentioning that the growing season itself lasts about 5 weeks without the breeder's interference. However, the ability to adjust the length of the vegetative phase by controlling the amount of light allows you to achieve the results that a given grower currently desires. A longer vegetation phase may translate into a higher yield, but it also means a longer wait for the much-desired harvest.

Plant Gorilla Cookies FF it grows upwards quickly, so it is necessary to provide it with adequate space to avoid problems in the later stages of growth. It is recommended to use tying techniques that will improve air flow between the buds and provide better access to light in the lower parts of the plant. At the same time, these treatments will help avoid the occurrence of mold and help stimulate the plant to grow more vigorously, which certainly translates into a greater yield.

All in all, a change Gorilla Cookies FF Fast Buds is an impressive hybrid that not only delights the eye, but also delivers aromatic, resinous cups. If you are an experienced grower and are looking for a plant that will provide you with both visual and olfactory delight, then Gorilla Cookies FF will definitely meet your expectations. However, remember to properly control growth and optimal lighting to achieve the best results.

GG4 Sherbet FF (fast flowering) Fast Buds

Continuing the adventure with the American fast version seeds manufacturer Fast Buds it is impossible not to distinguish the strain GG4 Sherbet FF. Sweet The potential contained in the genes of this variety is unique. Additionally, this variety is a kind of tribute to cannabis lovers who value both quality and efficiency. This hybrid was created from a combination of Orange Sherbet genetics and Gorilla Glue genes, highly valued among cannabis lovers. Fast Buds by creating this neat plant capable of generating a yield of up to 600 grams per square meter in just 7 weeks, he once again introduced fast version seeds to the market, which won the hearts of growers from all over the world.

Versatility of cultivation

GG4 Sherbet FF works perfectly both in outdoor cultivation (outdoor) and indoors (indoor). Latitude does not matter, as this plant can cope with a variety of climates, producing spicy, sweet and fruity terpenes. Its taste is a combination of delicious hazelnut aromas with delicate citrus notes.

THC potential of 27%

With THC levels reaching 27%, GG4 Sherbet FF it is certainly one of the most powerful cannabis varieties. After drinking it, you can expect a pleasant smile and relaxation. Fast version GG4 Sherbet seeds from Fast Buds are a good choice regardless of your level of growing experience. This photoperiod variety ensures excellent productivity and does not require special care.

GG4 Sherbet FF Fast Buds hemp seeds new 2023 new

Distinctive look

GG4 Sherbet FF it is an exceptionally large plant that can reach up to 200 centimeters in height, and its lush structure means that it can provide yields of up to 650 grams per square meter. Its appearance is that of a bushy and compact structure, with one dominant branch and sturdy side branches that bear large calyces.

During flowering GG4 Sherbet FF develops light green buds, and their ratio to leaves is high, which affects the yield efficiency. However, pruning the plant is not difficult, so any grower can easily handle it. Thanks to domination indica, the plant produces abundant amounts of resin, perfect for producing hash and other extracts.

Summary and tips from the manufacturer

The above information leaves no doubt - fast version seeds of the variety GG4 Sherbet FF they delight with both strength and taste. If you want a quick yield with impressive psychoactive effects, this hybrid will certainly meet your expectations. Just remember to provide it with enough space, especially when growing it outdoors. By using tying techniques, you can control the size of the plant and improve the quality of the crop. GG4 Sherbet FF Fast Buds is a variety that combines strength and aroma, so it will surely satisfy demanding cannabis lovers.

Purple Lemonade FF – a gentle mind and a relaxed body

Purple Lemonade FF this is another semi-automatic (Fastflowering) variation of Fast Buds. The fast version seeds of this strain were created by crossing the Tangie variety with the Purple Lemonade automatic. This unique combination gives an interesting and balanced effect, combining pleasant effects on the mind and body. This makes this strain perfect even when we need to be active and organized throughout the day. It's also the perfect choice for those looking for a mood-boosting high at the same time soothing muscle pain.

Purple Lemonade FF New 2023 Fast Buds

Appearance and structure of the plant

Purple Lemonade FF is a photoperiodic variety that not only blooms quickly but also has a strong and dense structure. During growth, a medium-sized main branch and many side branches typical of hybrids are noticeable. Its buds, shimmering with shades of purple, grow abundantly. Regardless of experience level, every grower will be able to enjoy an abundance of top-quality purple inflorescences, achieving yields of up to 550 grams per square meter in just 8 weeks. Fast flowering, beautiful appearance of the plant, considerable power (25% THC) – all this makes the fast version seeds of this variety become more popular every month.

Bud characteristics Purple Lemonade FF

This variety is distinguished by buds in shades of purple and pink, with dark orange hairs visible on them. Lilac trichomes are also common, giving the plant an additional purple character. Tops Purple Lemonade FF they give off a citrus, sweet scent with a hint of tartness, but once the buds are broken, a rich palette of fruity aromas comes into play.

Tips from the breeder

Purple Lemonade FF is a fast-flowering variety that blooms after approx 5 weeks of vegetation goes into the ongoing flowering phase 7-8 weeks. You can adjust the length of the vegetative phase depending on your preferences, shortening it if the grower wants faster crops, or lengthening it to obtain more crops. However, this variety is so easy to grow that both beginners and experienced growers will easily achieve success. Purple Lemonade FF is full of energy and extremely efficient, so standard care for outdoor cultivation (outdoor) and indoors (indoor) is enough to achieve satisfactory results.

Other Fast Version Seeds from Fast Buds:

Dutch fast version seeds: Speedy Chile (Fast Flowering) od Royal Queen Seeds

Genetics Speedy Chile (Fast Flowering) it's a company project Royal Queen Seeds, the aim of which was to create a variety that combines the best features of strains valued by users. The choice fell on fast-growing plants instead of automatic varieties. The former provide higher yields, but also have a shorter growth period. The effect is that Speedy Chile can deliver flowers with 16% THC content in a relatively short time.

Original feminized seeds of the variety Speedy Chile they allow you to obtain a plant that matures quickly, allowing you to harvest crops after approx 8 weeks of flowering. This cannabis variety is suitable for both indoor cultivation (indoor) and outside (outdoor). Dutch manufacturer RQS ensures that both beginners and experienced growers will be able to handle this strain without any problems. This is because of the low demands this plant makes to bring out its satisfying potential.

Speedy Chile FastVersion RQS

Height and yields Speedy Chile

In conditions indoor and in the greenhouse, plants Speedy Chile they will reach a maximum of 1 meter in height, with a yield of approximately 525 grams per square meter. In cultivation outdoor Speedy Chile it will bloom about 1-2 weeks earlier than other varieties, while providing about 500 grams of yield from one plant with an average height of 1,4 meters. This is a productive strain that is perfect for those who have limited space and are looking for compact strains. Fast Version Seeds from RQS have been appreciated by marijuana lovers for a long time. And the variety Speedy Chile This is not the only item worth having in your collection from this Dutch manufacturer.

Honey Cream (Fast Flowering) fast-flowering hybrid

Marijuana variety Honey Cream is a unique hybrid that is characterized by extremely fast flowering. Its genetics are based on three strong strains Indica: Maple Leaf Indica, White Rhino and BlueBlack. Thanks to this diversity of genes, Honey Cream it comes in many different phenotypes, which mainly differ in taste and aroma.

Characteristics of the variety Honey Cream (Fast Flowering) od RQS

Plant growth Honey Cream is typical of predominant varieties Indica in the genotype. The bushes develop in width rather than height. The flowers of this cannabis variety are extremely large and generously covered with resin. Though Honey Cream it blooms fully after approx 6-7 weeks, it is worth waiting a little while harvesting to get the best from the plant. In outdoor cultivation, harvesting can be done at the beginning of October, which allows you to obtain up to approx 650 gram material from one plant. For indoor cultivation (indoor) when illuminated with 600 W lamps, the yield per square meter of crop is from 500 to 550 grams.

Honey Cream is an excellent option for those who value quick flowering and abundant harvests. Its diversity of genes introduces a bit of fun in flavors and aromas, which means that every cannabis lover can find something for themselves.

Candy Kush Express – a unique combination of Indica and Sativa

Marijuana variety Candy Kush Express is an unusual combination of Indica and Sativa features, which gives this plant a unique character. These perfectly balanced genes have their origins in Sweet Special (Candy Kush family) and O.G. Kush. From Sweet Special Candy Kush Express it inherited not only durability, but also a sweet taste, which earned it recognition among breeders around the world.

Candy Kush Express FastVersion RQS

Candy Kush Express – fast flowering from RQS

Word "Express" in the name of this variety was not used accidentally. Candy Kush Express in version Fast Flowering is a plant with an extremely fast flowering time. It belongs to the category of the so-called semi-automatic machines, i.e. express versions of semi-seasonal varieties perfectly adapted to the climate of moderates conditions. In other words, Fast Flowering varieties are a combination of automatic and seasonal traits, characterized by yields similar to those of typical seasonal varieties, but a shorter flowering period than traditional seasonal varieties. This is why fast version seeds Candy Kush Express perfect for indoor cultivation (Indoor) and outside (Outdoor).

This variety is perfect for beginner growers due to its simplicity in growing. Flowering period Candy Kush Express only lasts 7-9 weeks, which allows harvesting in early September in the case of cultivation Outdoor. The plants reach an outdoor height of 100 to 170 centimeters and yield a yield of 450-500 grams per plant. When grown indoors, for example in a greenhouse, the bushes will reach a maximum of 1 meter in height and provide approximately 500 grams of valuable material per 1 m2 of cultivation.

How to grow Fast Version seeds?

Growing Fast Version seeds is relatively simple, but requires some knowledge and attention. However, before the whole process begins, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the law in force in the country where you want to carry out such breeding. The law in some countries, e.g. Poland, strictly prohibits the cultivation of cannabis seeds. If you are in Thailand, for example, here are some tips that will help you achieve success in growing your fast version seeds:

  1. Breeding Environment: Choose an appropriate growing environment that will provide your plants with the right amount of light, moisture and air circulation. It is also worth considering growing in a greenhouse or tent to control weather conditions.
  2. Appropriate Fertilization: Provide plants with appropriate fertilization, following the fertilizer manufacturer's recommendations. Remember that each variety may require a slightly different diet, so be vigilant and watch the plants' reactions.
  3. Keep an Appropriate Distance: Make sure your plants have enough space to grow. Keep enough distance between them to avoid problems with mold and other diseases.
  4. Regular Observations: Check your plants regularly, observing their health, leaves and calyces. Early detection of problems will allow you to react quickly and avoid crop loss.

Fast Version seeds are an excellent choice for growers who value speed and quality. Thanks to them, you can enjoy a great harvest in a short time, without having to give up your favorite varieties. If you're ready for an exciting adventure into the world of cannabis, it's time to try Fast Version seeds and experience what these unique plants have to offer.

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WARNING! In Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous. This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and curiosity purposes only. Currently, more and more countries in the world allow their citizens to grow a marijuana bush for their own use, but Poland is not one of these countries yet.

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