hemp seeds

Our store Ziarno Życia focuses primarily on the high quality of hemp seeds. By choosing proven products, we guarantee our customers satisfaction with their purchases. Our mission is to provide even the most demanding buyers with a convenient purchase of marijuana seeds.

hemp seeds

A distinctive offer on the market

What distinguishes us on the market is a wide range of plants. The wide range of stuff we offer is the key to winning the hearts of customers. It is with us that Dutch seeds, XXL seeds, seeds are available outdoor i indoor or seeds for beginners. Personalized shopping they will make everyone happy!


Shop Ziarno Życia is a world-class gathering place manufacturers. Our offer includes seeds, e.g. from companies like Royal Queen Seeds, Sensi Seeds or Barney’s Farm. An additional advantage is the "sinsemilla" seeds of our production. Before starting cooperation, we verify each potential manufacturer in order to provide our customers with the best product.

What's New

To provide our customers with a varietyicenot in shopping we regularly introduce to the store Ziarno Życia news. By increasing our offer, we enable demanding growers (where legal) and collectors who are hungry for new varieties of hemp to join the group of our regular customers.

Automatic seeds

Our assortment includes the so-called autoflowering cannabis seeds. what they are automatic seeds hemp? From such seeds grow female plants, which start to bloom on their own after about 2-4 weeks of growth. They do not require a special introduction to flowering by the grower, and thus they are great for people who cannot fully cope with providing plants with changing light conditions during the growth cycle.

Flowering time 

An important factor when choosing the perfect marijuana strain for a person is the flowering period of the plant. Our store will meet all requirements, because we have plant seeds with short, medium, long and very long duration of the flowering stage. We encourage you to test our products and look for the golden grail among the seeds. marijuana seeds indoor

For beginners 

Taking your first steps as a breeder, you often have doubts as to whether you will meet the challenge. It's not difficult with us, because we provide seeds for beginners and those more advanced.

Indoor or Outdoor?

We provide high quality seeds for both outdoor and indoor cultivation. Included in the offer greenhouse seeds are gaining more and more recognition. From now on, shopping can be adjusted to your conditions, which increases the chance of success in running Mary Jane's kennel.


If you want to enjoy large crops, we recommend from our offer full-season seeds. Their characteristic feature is a long maturation period generously rewarded by the plant in the form of a good harvest.

Country of origin

For supporters of seeds from specific regions of the world, a shop Ziarno Życia has prepared proposals from countries such as Spain, The Netherlands or USA. We are constantly expanding our offer of foreign seeds. We can reveal that Dutch seeds have been the most popular so far.

Medical varieties 

Medical varieties cannabis is gaining more and more fame. Thanks to the health-promoting effect of cannabinoids, they are beginning to be recommended to patients with all ailments. Our store also has such varieties. Thanks to us, problems such as with falling asleep or restlessness anxiety) will become a thing of the past. certified hemp seeds -tiborszalasi Seed Stockers

Award winning varieties

Cannabis varieties are tested by the most qualified testers from around the world, and they have a chance to honor the most unique ones. Store Ziarno Życia gives you access to titled seeds! This is a real treat for collectors of exclusive crops.

THC level, IindicaSactive

In order to ensure the best possible experience, it is worth choosing a variety that will affect the consumer's body in a specific way. A wide range of hemp seeds with different polarities and THC content will help you make the right choice. It is worth experimenting with the varieties to find the one compatible with our tastes.


It should be emphasized that it plays an important role in the selection of seeds. Our store provides high-quality products at every price level, thus giving everyone the opportunity to start their adventure with breeding or collecting seeds, regardless of their budget. Hemp seeds are also a dream gift idea for your loved ones.

Reviews and popularity

A great advantage of our store is the ability to leave reviews. This is valuable information not only for those interested in purchasing, but also for our team responsible for quality control of the offered seeds. For people unfamiliar with the subject of plant breeding, we offer a popularity ranking that can be used when shopping.


We encourage you to check our offer on a regular basis, as we regularly add favorable discounts and promotions on our seeds. This is a great opportunity to test it new varieties!

Unique offer

There is no denying that the store Ziarno Życia has a unique offer, which includes the most selected seeds. Shopping in our store will bring joy not only to experienced collectors, but also to novice collectors who are looking for a new hobby. We guarantee top-flight experiences and encourage you to explore the secrets of this extraordinary plant with us!


Entries regarding the cultivation and cultivation of marijuana are not intended to encourage breaking the law in force in Poland. The law in many countries around the world allows citizens to grow cannabis for their own use, unfortunately Poland is not one of these countries at the moment. You have to check yourself what law applies in your country! The law in our country clearly indicates that you cannot plant marijuana seeds. Minors are asked to leave the site for security reasons and to avoid confusion. The law in Poland allows the possession of marijuana seeds for collecting purposes, because the hemp seeds themselves do not contain psychoactive substances and are not legally qualified as a precursor to create drugs. Buy hemp seeds and other hemp products safely and legally at www.ziarnozycia.pl.

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