Are there special variations for beginners?

Cannabis seeds for beginners outdoor These are seeds of cannabis varieties that are perfect for gardens, terraces, greenhouses, and forests, i.e. they will ripen outdoors. Constantly advancing cannabis genetics provides marijuana lovers with new strains every season, each of them unique and boasting different properties. This is because, the best cannabis growers, often working for producers such as Royal Queen Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Green House Seed etc. cross countless varieties with each other, striving to create new, unique strains.

Cannabis seeds for beginners outdoor

Cannabis seeds for beginners outdoor

Cannabis for novices

Very often, stabilizing a new plant, it turns out that it does not require any special treatment or overzealous care during the entire growth cycle. Of course, this does not mean that the grower will receive a beautiful plant without taking care of it, the stems of which will bend with fresh, fragrant buds. Nothing will ever get done by itself, but there are strains of marijuana that will they do not require much experience from a beginner breeders. Please note that regardless of your experience, refer to the letter of the law in force in your countryin which such a hemp farm is to be carried out. In many countries, incl in Poland, cannabis cultivation is still illegal. This post is not intended to encourage anyone to break the law. So which ones are best to choose marijuana seeds for beginners outdoor?

Auto Speed Bud / Female Seeds

Original marijuana seeds Auto Speed Bud straight from Female Seeds

Quick Variation - Auto Speed Bud

We start with something compact, fast and undemanding. If you are a beginner and impatient, this strain is for you! Our list titled: “Cannabis seeds for beginners outdoor” opens with a proposal from a Dutch manufacturer Female Seeds - Auto Speed Bud. The Early Misty x Ruderalis cross is a sativa that blooms regardless of light intensity. It produces dense, resinous buds without giving off a particularly great smell during flowering. It also does not require super sophisticated conditions, e.g. tropical ones, but this does not mean that you can let it freeze - unfortunately, it will not forgive that. The cared for, however, will repay you a big cropwhich will stimulate some and encourage others to deeper contemplation. A very interesting variety feminized seeds worth having in your collection.

Feminized seeds Purple Punch od Barney’s Farm

When it comes to seasonal marijuana seeds for beginners outdoor is one of the more interesting proposals from Barney’s Farm is undoubtedly Purple Punch. This strain was developed on the west coast of the United States. yeah indica is characterised by high resistance not only against low temperatures and mold, but also against pests such as spider mites and powdery mildew. Thanks to this, growers who are just starting to play with marijuana are able to get out of it good harvest, and more experienced growers, in ideal conditions, boast harvests at the level 2 kilograms per square meter. 2 kilos of beautifully fragrant, resinous crop. So it's worth living in a country where you can grow marijuana and hone your skills to extract so much topic from your plants.

Purple Punch Barneys Farm

Sativa or indica? Which marijuana seeds to choose for beginners outdoor

Many cannabis lovers who are starting their adventure wonder which polarity to choose at the beginning of their adventure - sativa or indica? There is no simple answer to this question. It all depends on personal preferences. Fortunately, grain producers are coming to the rescue. Well, every one marijuana seeds for beginners outdoorthat are available in our store have a detailed description. This description allows you to familiarize yourself with the specifications, conditions and requirements of each variety before purchasing. And general diffice, between sativa and indica can be found in the article by clicking the graphic below:

marijuana seeds sativa vs indica

Indica – marijuana seeds for beginners outdoor

Continuing our list, we present below the selections of cannabis strains with couch-like, relaxing and hard-hitting characteristics from the family indica. Seeds indica they are very popular and often chosen by seed collectors. In addition to their relaxing and soothing properties, they also help very effectively in the fight against pain, lack of sleep and appetite. Of course, these are only general characteristics of seeds indica, and you can find detailed information by clicking on the photo of the variety you are interested in.

An easy-to-grow variety Easy Bud od RQS

Cannabis seeds for beginners outdoor will not do without a variety from Royal Queen Seeds – Easy Bud. As described by the Dutch producer himself, this variety is child's play to grow. A wild Siberian Rudersalis strain blended with White Indica gave marijuana lovers this fast-growing strain with a flowering time of just from 5 to 7 weeks! Suitable for cultivation wherever, of course, the law allows it. Reaches a small size, it is perfect for beginners who do not have much space for their plants. The indica high, felt both on the head and in the body, is perfect after a hard day at work. The relaxation effect kicks in almost immediately. RQS has done a good job of releasing seeds of this variety to the market, which you can now have in your home collection.

Easy Bud
Marijuana seeds for beginners outdoor - white widow xxl car

New item, legendary variety – White Widow XXL Auto

For all lovers of classic varieties, a Dutch producer Barney’s Farm has something unique – the so-called white widow in the fast-flowering version. Modern editions of this legend, created by enthusiasts from... Amsterdam, was created from a combination of Brazilian sativa, South Indian indica and special, proprietary genetics Barneys Farm 0 Super Car #1. This mix makes these marijuana seeds for beginners outdoor they will actually love it and will reward you with a huge harvest. It is worth mentioning that this is a position for people who want to experience a creative, talkative and euphoric hit of polarity indica. There is such a version for seasonal gardeners.

seeds sativa

Sativa – marijuana seeds for beginners outdoor

The “opposite” of the varieties presented above indica there are strains sativa. They are chosen by people looking for a stimulating activity that enhances creativity and are perfect for meetings with friends. Seeds sativa they produce a plant that is taller and usually blooms longer than indicas. Sativa so it is slightly different in structure and operation - but thanks to this, cannabis lovers have the opportunity to choose varieties that can meet their sometimes extreme preferences. That's why nasiona marijuana for beginners outdoor is that sativa or indica – basically they are for everyone.

A non-obvious choice – Fast Flovering – marijuana seeds for beginners outdoor

American manufacturer Fast Buds specializes in autoflowering strains. In 2023 fast version seeds have won the hearts of all marijuana lovers. Not only is there variety sativa, and in addition, the flowering time is only 7 weeks. A quick harvest does not mean that there will be little of it, and the more experience you have, the more of it there will be. This variety is tall - it easily breaks the 200-centimeter barrier. Appropriate treatment can provide up to 600 grams per m2, strong (27% THC), euphoric, uplifting insemination accompanied by sweet fruit and nut aromas. By choosing marijuana seeds for beginners outdoor this item is really worth trying.

GG4 Sherbet FF Fast Buds marijuana seeds seed bank trusted
Durban Poison Dutch Passion

Durban Poison - 100% sativa

They were automatic, now it's time for full-season marijuana seeds outdoor for beginners. In many countries where you can legally grow hemp, any outdoor cultivation is an adventure that will stay in your memory for a long time. Those who choose varieties are patient sativa – because, as we know, they usually need more time to fully develop. The Dutch producer has seeds that have earned the respect of people from all over the world. Durban Posion is 100% sativa, which everyone should be able to grow. A huge yield, with this plant easily exceeding 2 meters, the plant is characterized by citrus-spicy aromas and a creative and uplifting high. An additional note for cannabis lovers is the fact that the legendary Skuk#1 and Afghani strains were used to create this strain. Dutch Passion he has earned huge respect for producing these amazing marijuana seeds for beginners outdoor.

Practical Guide: Marijuana Seeds For Beginners Outdoor

Outdoor, i.e. growing marijuana outdoors, is a fascinating and satisfying adventure that allows you to use natural conditions for plant growth. If you are a beginner cannabis grower, you certainly know which seeds to choose to achieve the best results in cultivation outdoor. Of course, please remember that the above-mentioned proposals are only examples of the entire range of cannabis seeds available in our store for those starting their adventure with outdoor cultivation. Other seeds for beginners outdoor you can find in our store by selecting filters: for beginners and adding a filter outdoor.

Why grow outdoors to start with?

When we decide to grow plants outdoors, we use natural sunlight, which is economical and ecological. Appropriate light conditions and air flow promote healthy plant growth. However, it is worth remembering that hemp is a plant that needs appropriate climatic conditions to develop at its best.

Climate and Region

The most important aspect in cultivation outdoor is choosing the right place. Hemp is a plant that prefers a warm and moderately humid climate. If you live in a region with a short growing season or heavy rainfall, you need to choose varieties that are adapted to these conditions. The best marijuana seeds for beginners outdoor These are seeds whose varieties are resistant to diseases and pests. This choice will only make breeding easier.

marijuana seeds for beginners outdoor

Care and Protection

Under cultivation outdoor, hemp may be exposed to various factors, such as pests, fungi or rain. Therefore, it is important to regularly monitor plants and provide appropriate care. Using natural insecticides and antifungals can help protect your plants.

Growing marijuana outdoors is a fascinating experience for every marijuana lover who is permitted by law to do so. By choosing the right ones marijuana seeds for beginners outdoor and by taking care of the growing conditions, you can achieve successful harvests. Always remember that the legality of growing marijuana varies by region and country, so always check applicable laws.

Forgiving marijuana

Although the varieties described above are able to forgive the mistakes of novice growers, it should be remembered that left alone the plant can die. The final effect consists of many factors, and the breeder's experience is only one of them. If you are lucky enough to live in a country where the law does not prohibit the cultivation of cannabis, you have a chance to experiment with the varieties described above and gain some experience. Everyone starts the breeding process the same way. From buying seeds and in our shop we offer feminized cannabis seeds, straight from world-class producers. We invite you to shop and follow us on Facebook (click) and Instagram (click).

Cannabis seeds for beginners outdoor

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