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Hello Krakow! Especially for the inhabitants of the capital of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, we have prepared the best hemp seeds, hemp oils and droughts, CBD cosmetics and many other hemp accessories. In addition, we have the most convenient shipping methods to pick up your order quickly and efficiently. Choose for yourself whether you want to go to the selected parcel locker or if you want the courier to deliver it to you discreet, not revealing the contents of the package to the door of your home. Choose the highest quality hemp products today, because only these can be found in the store Ziarno Życia. World producers, the best selected products - quality guarantee!

Cannabis seeds in Krakow

Marijuana seeds Krakow, hemp dried and hemp oils, CBD cosmetics, vaporizers!

All products ordered in our store will be sent to the address you specify in Krakow. When placing your order, choose the best delivery options for you. You have plenty to choose from!

Searching for the best marijuana seeds in our shop. thanks to the detailed categories you will easily find your favorite variety. Are you looking for an indica or maybe you are more interested in strains sativa? Cultivation indoor or maybe outdoor? You will find all this and even more in our shop.

Karkow cannabis seeds:

Cannabis seeds Krakow - only feminized varieties

We offer only feminized cannabis seeds - that is, only those that are most sought after by collectors. Why? Because female (feminized) marijuana seeds produce a flower that you can take. Of course, we do not encourage the cultivation of marijuana seeds in Poland, because our Polish law prohibits this type of activity. At the same time, we keep our fingers crossed for this legal status to change and for it to be possible to legally plant feminized marijuana seeds in our country - as it is happening in many countries around the world, which you can read about, among others, on our blog.

Cannabis Law

Marijuana seeds

Marijuana seeds Krakow - a guarantee of discretion

The mere possession and trade of marijuana seeds is legally acceptable in Poland. So when you buy hemp seeds in our store, you do it legally. So it's worth starting your adventure today and collecting the seeds of the best marijuana varieties available on the market.

Shipment from Ziarno Życia – guarantee of discretion

If you buy marijuana seeds or other hemp products from us, we will send them to you in a discreet package that does not reveal its contents. Only after opening a plain, gray cardboard box will you be able to find out what is inside. And there, in addition to the products you choose, you will find surprises and freebies. It is worth buying your hemp products at

Cannabis Seeds Krakow + Freebies!

We add freebies to every order. It doesn't matter if you order hemp seeds, CBD cosmetics, drought, hemp oils, vaporizers or all at once. We add stickers, seeds, strings, papers, greenders and many more. See for yourself!

Dutch Seeds Krakow

Marijuana seed shop Krakow – Ziarno Życia offers Dutch seeds from the best producers. Dutch Passion, Royal Queen Seeds, Female Seeds – these are just some of the top cannabis seed brands. We guarantee original seeds at attractive prices.

Hemp CBD Krakow:

Marijuana and hemp seeds Krakow


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Pick up your parcel conveniently in a parcel locker. Choose the best parcel locker for you and enjoy the highest quality hemp products, because only such can be found in our offer. 


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