Cannabis seeds NEW 2023 from Dutch Passion!

The Dutch producer has prepared new unique cannabis genetics for 2023! If you are curious what seeds deserve your attention this year, we invite you to read the entry.

Two super cannabis genetics in the form of feminized seeds have been selected by the team Dutch Passion among many equally interesting varieties.

The first offer is a very purple automatic variety - Auto Forbidden Cherry®. Beautiful colors, high THC content, as well as very good yields and resistance in cultivation indoor, outdoor or in a greenhouse.

The full-season offer is exotic Tropical Tangiepacked with juicy, citrus terpenes, as well as providing a large harvest and a very strong high!

  • Tropical Tangie / Dutch Passion
  • Feminized: Yes
  • Flowering time: Medium (9 weeks)
  • Type: Sativa
  • Destiny: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Taste and aroma:  Citrus, Diesel, Fruity, Tangerine, Orange
  • Yield: XXL (450-550 gsm)
  • Medical Marijuana: Yes
  • Height: Short/Medium (75-125cm)
  • Genetics: Elite Tangie Selection (Tangie x Tangie)
  • THC level: Very high (15-20+%)
  • Effect: hybrid, euphoric, relaxing, long lasting
tropical-tangie marijuana seeds new 2023 Dutch Passion

Variety details Tropical Tangie

Tropical Tangie is a full-season plant with a genotype with a predominance SATIVA. However, it differs from typical Sativas in that it does not take as long to mature and is not any more difficult to grow. This photoperiod strain can be described as fast and easy. Tropical Tangie comes from a large family of plants with the original Tangie phenotype. Team Dutch Passion chose a clone that excelled in virtually every way. The timeless aroma of Tangie plus the very good taste, strength and effect of the clones was at a very high level.

What does a marijuana plant look like and grow? Tropical Tangie?

This extremely exotic genetic grows into a Christmas tree structure, producing large resinous buds. The bushes reach low and medium heights ranging from 75 to 125 cm. Visually, this marijuana will delight and will certainly decorate any green area or windowsill in countries that are friendly to it. Tropical Tangie it produces slender leaves and long flowers that give off a very pleasant fragrance. The structure of this strain makes it ideal for topping and fimming. These cannabis cultivation techniques are even recommended when you want to limit the growth of the plant, e.g. in a limited growing space. In addition to this, the new Tangie is suitable for all types and methods of cultivation, such as supercropping, main-lining and scrogging, among others. The flowers, compared to other typical sativas, are not light and fluffy, but hard and compact. Lots of sticky trichomes appear on them. Due to its structure, the buds of this variety are more resistant to moisture.

Yield and flowering time Tropical Tangie

Tropical Tangie blooms in a decent time of around 8-9 weeks. As a photoperiod, Tangie begins its flowering cycle when given 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. The flowering time may be slightly longer or shorter depending on the prevailing conditions. With large and hard buds, this genetic can surprise you with really big yields, especially when given the right conditions.

Yields of 450-550g/m2 are possible indoors, especially when using the SCROG growing method. In case of outdoorand the manufacturer recommends that you provide shelter for the plants in bad weather. This tip applies to crops in climates such as moderate. In the case of a warm Mediterranean climate, there is nothing to worry about.

Remember that cultivation in many countries remains illegal, grow your plants only in safe, legal places for you.

Importantly - always choose places with good air flow, it is very important to bring clean, new air to every part of the plant. Light winds in the air or windmills indoor minimize the risk of mold and ensure proper circulation of used air.

Aroma and action Tropical Tangie

This cannabis genetics combines a classic gasoline aroma with sweet and sour flavors of lemons, tangerines and oranges. A definite proposition for lovers of fruity and slightly sour varieties. The smell of dried fruit will also be very intense, exotic. The effect of action Tropical Tangie it's a typical combination of genes indica i sativa - gives the best of everything. Strong cerebral effect with a slight effect on the body. The effect can be relaxing, euphoric and stimulating at the same time. Importantly, such effects can last for many hours. These marijuana seeds will also appeal to medical users. Tetrahydrocannabinol is at a very high level. Tropical Tangie it can relieve stress and improve your mood without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Auto Forbidden Cherry / Dutch Passion
  • Feminized: Yes
  • Flowering time:  Medium (9-10 weeks)
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Destiny: Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
  • Taste and aroma: earthy, lavender, citrus, forest fruits, kush
  • Yield: Large (400-450gsm)
  • Medical Marijuana: Yes
  • Height: Low (75cm)
  • Genetics: Purple #1 x (Auto Forbidden Fruit x Cherry Pie)
  • THC level: high (15-20%)
  • Effect: calming, soothing, relaxing, uplifting
auto-forbidden-cherry new strain of marijuana ziarno zycia dutch passion

Stable and strong AUTO variety

Auto Forbidden Cherry it's a fast and powerful slot machine that can always get by. It owes its stability to selective breeding. Dutch's team wanted an automatic purple beauty that could handle any conditions. As a result, Forbidden Cherry can handle both indoorThat, outdoorwith and in the greenhouse. Importantly, no climate is terrible for her. It can cope with climates, dry and warm, cold and temperate.

Cannabis strain for beginners 

Auto Forbidden Cherry it is perfect for beginner growers. A cross was used to create it Purple #1 with Auto Forbidden Fruit x Cherry Pie. If you are looking for an easy, purple slot machine, resistant to all conditions, you have just found it!

Flowering time and yield

This Novelty 2023 cultivated Indoor on a 20/4 light cycle, it needs an average of 63-70 days. Already after 10 weeks, the plant forms a medium-sized Christmas tree, about 75 cm high. Of course, different growing conditions can change this result. In conditions outdoor total flowering time may take a bit longer. This time is usually longer when the temperature at night is much lower than during the day. However, this drop in temperature will cause the plant to take on more intense shades of purple.

The yield of F. Cherry given by the producer is within 25-100 grams from one plant. In temperate or cold climates it will be about 30-50 g per plant, and in hot and dry climates even 150 grams! This is a high yield for auto seeds. Indoors, yields can be as high as 400-450 g per square meter of crop. The plants of this marijuana strain are usually compact and reach a medium, compact size. The flowers are compact, purple and have a lot of space around them, thanks to which they have better access to fresh air and light, which protects them from mold formation.

Effects and taste 

Intense, fruity and earthy - this is the terpene profile Auto Forbidden Cherry. The smoke smells of citrus, forest fruits, and even lavender and spices. The taste is traditional Kush and fruit. At the end of its flowering period, this strain can give off a very intense fragrance. Citrus and lavender can then be felt. There are also phenotypes with more pungent pine and citrus scents.

Effect Auto Forbidden Cherry it is definitely typical Indica - highly sedative, relaxing and even soothing. Therefore, it will be perfect for medical marijuana users. Due to the fact that it is a hybrid, i.e. it also combines genes sativa, the action does not block at the physical level. Sometimes the effect also turns into an uplifting and slightly stimulating one. The effect is not very long-lasting, but it relaxes the mind. Due to its balanced operation, it is also suitable for beginners.

We invite you to our shop for more unique cannabis seed strains!

We would like to remind you that in Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous, and all information about cultivation is for educational purposes. In countries where cultivation is legal, the knowledge contained in the entry can be treated as valuable tips, while in other places on the world map, all information should be treated as a curiosity.

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