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Are you looking for original feminized cannabis seeds? You've come to the right place in our store you will find marijuana seeds straight from the best producers in the world. All seeds are originally packed, so we have a guarantee of obtaining them the best seeds to your collection. Thanks to the detailed descriptions of each variety, you will easily find what you are looking for. we guarantee discreet shipmentwhich will not reveal its contents even to the courier. Shop safely on

russia marijuana seeds

Marijuana seed shop Rzeszów

Below are cannabis seeds from only the best producers, so we are 100% guaranteed to receive the best genetics available. Only original marijuana seeds guarantee full satisfaction.

What else is in the store's offer Ziarno Życia?

In our store you will find, among others: dried hemp, both CBD and CBG, which you can buy by grams or joints. The offer also includes natural ones hemp cosmetics, CBD and CBG hemp oils or accessories such as vaporizers. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire range. We guarantee the highest quality products.

Feminized marijuana and cannabis seeds

Cannabis Seeds Rzeszow – feminized seeds from the best producers in the world.

All products ordered in our store will be sent to the address indicated by you in Rzeszów. When placing your order, choose the best delivery options for you. You have plenty to choose from!

In our offer, in addition to feminized cannabis seeds, you will find CBD cosmetics, oils and dried hemp. The best producers and proven products specially selected for you! Do not hesitate and make a gift for your loved ones - let them know the power of nature!

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russia marijuana seeds


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Pick up your parcel conveniently in a parcel locker. Choose the best parcel locker for you and enjoy the highest quality hemp products, because only such can be found in our offer. 

Cannabis seeds

In our assortment you will find hemp seeds from the best producers, including: Dutch Passion, Royal Queen Seeds, Barney’s Farm or Female Seeds. The offered seeds are suitable for cultivation indoor (indoors) as well as outdoor (outside). Thanks to the carefully selected categories, you will easily find seeds sorted by polarity (sativa, indica), country of origin (Dutch, American, Spanish seeds), etc. Height, THC level of the variety and flowering time are also included in our categories.

russian marijuana seeds

Cannabis Seeds Rzeszow

Polish law in the context of cannabis seeds

The law in our country strictly prohibits the cultivation of marijuana, but does not prohibit the possession or trade of hemp seeds, because they are not classified as a precursor to the creation of drugs according to the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction. Thanks to this, when shopping in our store, you can be sure that you will not face any unpleasant legal consequences for the purchase and possession of seeds. However, it is especially important to remember that you must not put the seeds into the ground. In addition, we emphasize that all information contained on our website is provided for informational purposes only and, what should be noted, is not an encouragement to break the law.

We focus on full discretion

To ensure maximum safety for our customers, our packages do not reveal their contents. The secret is that the carton does not have any markings, logos or even a marijuana leaf pattern. So you can order your favorite hemp products without fear and no one but you will know what is in your package. On the website, however, there is an SSL certificate installed - it helps to make secure payments for orders, with an encrypted connection.

Ziarno Życia – a hemp center of the highest quality

Order marijuana seeds or other hemp products (drought, cosmetics, oils) today and we will add numerous freebies to the package! Rolls, grinders, strings, etc. are waiting for you.

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