Hemp seeds with THC

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Hemp seeds differ from each other not only in growing conditions, growth rate or plant height, but also in THC content. Our store's offer includes seeds of varieties with moderate and high THC content. In our online store you will find the highest quality grains from reputable producers. Marijuana seeds presented in our offer are intended only for collecting purposes, as the cultivation of hemp in Poland is illegal.

What is THC?

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a chemical compound from the group of cannabinoids, corresponding to the psychotropic effects of marijuana. The highest amounts of this ingredient are found in the resinous substance produced by female cannabis flowers, which means that there is less THC in the leaves than in the flowers. THC is a substance insoluble in water, but it dissolves successfully in organic solvents, e.g. in fats. It is worth mentioning that THC is broken down in the liver, kidneys, and also in adipose tissue.

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Use of THC

Due to its high THC content, cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in the world. However, recently there has been increasing talk about the use of cannabinoids contained in cannabis for medical purposes. Cannabinoids are increasingly being prescribed by doctors, but it is worth turning to special medical marijuana clinics. This compound can be used in the treatment of e.g. such as chronic pain, anxiety, nausea associated with cancer chemotherapy, and loss of appetite. This is why the number of countries that have legalized therapeutic cannabis has increased in recent years. It is the varieties of seeds that contain a high concentration of THC that are desirable for use for medicinal purposes. In Poland, in hemp products, the permitted amount of THC concentration is 0,2%. Products that do not exceed this concentration can be legally put into circulation and used legally. Cannabis products for consumption in general must not contain THC.

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Effect of THC on the human body

Each person has a completely different body, so the short-term effects of THC use may vary from person to person. A perfect example is that THC causes panic attacks and paranoia in some people, while for others THC is the best medicine for such ailments. The psychotropic effect of marijuana makes it often used for purely recreational purposes. The most common and desired effect of this substance is relaxation and a feeling of calm. Cannabinoid receptors are concentrated in areas of the brain related to thinking, memory, pleasure, coordination, and time perception. THC attaches to these receptors, activates them and affects memory, euphoria, slows down movements, concentration, coordination and changes the perception of the world around. However, some of the effects of THC use are not desired by humans. The feeling of hunger is one of the most common effects of THC. In the long term, this can result in overeating, leading to obesity. The short-term effect of THC use is also a decrease in energy and a slower reaction time to stimuli. There are also disturbing, although very rare, hallucinations or panic attacks. However, they are not caused directly by THC. This is usually the result of a sharpening of certain receptors in the brain where the problem has already occurred. The effects of THC delivery to the body appear within a few minutes of starting smoking, and in the case of eating a dish prepared with marijuana - up to an hour. The feeling lasts from two to six hours, depending on the amount of substance taken.

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THC-rich cannabis strains

There are several different types of cannabis, which differ not only in physical characteristics, but also in the content of individual cannabinoids. Cannabis is generally described as a short plant with broad, dark green leaves and a high THC content. In contrast, hemp tends to be taller, with thin, light green leaves and a very low THC content. However, it is known that there are so many varieties of cannabis at the moment that their appearance is also very diverse.

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It should be remembered that the THC content depends on the individual hemp varieties. We have a large selection of marijuana seeds in our store. Variations about very large (20+%), large (15-20%), medium (5-15%), small (up to 5%)  i negligible (up to 1%) THC content.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer and, of course, to buy collector's cannabis seeds!

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