What is another word for marijuana? Popular and alternative terms for marijuana

There are seemingly endless alternative names for marijuana. In this post we will review various terms for marijuana, that occur in different parts of the world and we will try to solve the mystery - where do all these names for marijuana come from?

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Terms for marijuana
Terms for marijuana often hide some amazing history - it is worth knowing the origins of terms for cannabis.

The basic term for marijuana is cannabis

We will start from basic termsthat define marijuana. Cannabis is the purely scientific name of this plant. According to Wikipedia: “cannabis (Cannabis indica Lam.) - it is a plant species from the hemp family (Cannabaceae Endl.). Originally found in the vicinity of the Hindu Kush mountains. Plants of this species are shorter than hemp plants C. sativa, are more branched and spreading."

cannabis the name of marijuana

In cannabis culture, nomenclature is distinguished depending on the effects of the action. So it's safe to say that Cannabis indica applies to everyone strains indica, which traditionally cause mainly bodily effects (e.g. the so-called couch-lock, stone effect, used for deep bodily relaxation). Then there is Cannabis sativa, it's a class strains sativa, which in its action causes heavy brain effects (e.g. it can stimulate, put into creation). And there is too C. This nomenclature is probably the least known. It is the latest discovered variety of cannabis, found in the Siberian areas, with a low THC content and small size. This genetic is very often used by growers to create automatic photoperiod variants.

Feminized cannabis seeds:

Marijuana - the most common term for cannabis

Most etymologists agree that the term "marijuana" is of Mexican-Spanish origin. They assume that the name came into common use in the 20s and 30s. However, few people know that the term initially served as a way to spread propaganda and fear about cannabis. The term was used by US law enforcement to associate marijuana with racist and anti-immigrant views of the Mexican population. There is now a trend in the United States to move away from the term, citing concerns about its racist and xenophobic roots.

What terms do you know for marijuana?

What terms do you know for marijuana?

Does weed have anything to do with marijuana?

Another very frequently used term for marijuana is simply weeds. It is not difficult to notice that this name refers directly to the plant itself. Some people think weed is a slang term used for a marijuana cigarette. The term originates from the cannabis culture of the 20s in the USA. And although weed usually does not have positive associations (weeds are usually unwanted, pulled out) - weeds grow almost everywhere. You can meet on thematic forums that growers helping beginners, reassure them about cultivation, often saying: "Don't worry, marijuana is a weed“. This means that marijuana is a fairly easy plant to grow and everyone should theoretically be able to handle it.

Other names for marijuana found in cannabis culture around the world

Now that we know the basics (marijuana terms such as cannabis or weed), let's move on to other terms and names of this plant. In this paragraph, we will focus on terms associated with hemp, whether through color, smell, taste or use.

Green terms for marijuana

Grass, grass, grass

These are some of the more obvious cannabis names. You must have heard more than once that cannabis is referred to as "grass". Why? Mainly because marijuana is simply a green plant. There is no deeper philosophy behind it - marijuana = grass.

Herb, herb, herb

Herb is probably the most popular and liked term marijuana among smokers. The herb refers to the unique characteristics of cannabis: that is, the smell and the taste. As you know, hemp smells in a characteristic, unmistakable way - just like any herb. And because marijuana can be used in many ways, so can herbs - hence the term. Marijuana can be smoked, cooked, added to dishes, mixed with other substances - you can also squeeze "juices" out of it. It can be used universally in its own way. Just like herbs, you can also smoke them, inhale them, add them to dishes. It can't be simpler and hence these word connections.

nugs bugs tops

Cannabis names for flower quality, effects, etc.

Bud, bud - marijuana names that say what is what.

Other names for marijuana that could be in your lexicon? You've probably heard the term "bud"? English-speaking countries are very common. The theme is also quite obvious as it indicates the part of the plant you are actually smoking.

Scientifically speaking, bud refers to the tight clusters of flowers — or buds — produced by cannabis during the flowering process. As you know, it is the buds that contain the most cannabinoids, for which we love hemp. They are what growers collect, dry and treat.

Nugs - such hemp tops

Connoisseurs of cannabis culture will not be surprised by this nomenclature. You've probably heard the term "nugs" from time to time. Like "bud", it is one of the names of marijuana that has to do with the flowers produced by the cannabis plant. Kind of like little green nuggets. In Polish tops.

Skunk - that is further on the subject of recognizable features of marijuana itself

The smell is one of the most distinctive characteristics of cannabis. And many strains contain a strong accent - comparable to "stinky/strong" skunk aromas. And that's exactly what people mean when they use the term "skunk" for marijuana.

Linguistic curiosities and the names of marijuana

To complete our collection of marijuana names, there's no way to miss a cannabis wordplay bag. Let's start!

Ganja and its Rasta roots

Rastafarians are most strongly associated with this term of marijuana. Ganja – because it is what we are talking about in this case – it comes from Sanskrit – that is, from the literary language of ancient, medieval and early modern India. Many people also believe that the name of the river Ganges may share its roots with ganja. In addition, ganja is associated with Jamaica and marijuana with a very strong effect.

Mary Jane - From Prohibition to World Fame

Pure wordplay. Mary Jane is a joking way of saying "marihuana". Like many of the names on this list, Mary Jane is essentially a coded way of talking about marijuana, as it was largely caused by the cannabis prohibition.

What other common terms for marijuana do we know and love?

There are plenty of such terms. Each one is unique, related to an event, a story. Whether less known or world famous - each marijuana name is unique and magical in its own way. This is hardly surprising, because all the terms for marijuana refer to the same thing - to a magical plant that is undoubtedly cannabis.

In fact, it is virtually impossible to catalog all the terms for marijuana, as other weed names are constantly evolving and being "reinvented". But in any case, the above list is a good starting point, a basis for development. And regardless of the name you hear, there is probably some very interesting and authentic story behind it.

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WARNING! In Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous. This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and curiosity purposes only. Currently, more and more countries in the world allow their citizens to grow a marijuana bush for their own use, but Poland is not one of these countries yet.

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