Marijuana plantationsmarijuana plantations

Marijuana plantations Probably every cannabis user dreams at night. Dreams of having your own, legal, cannabis plantation would like to be realized by many fans of this amazing plant, but so far in our beloved country you can only collect marijuana seeds. So many interesting varieties, characterized by amazing properties, whether relaxing or, above all, medical, could legally complement the landscapes of Poland, but so far the law does not allow it. We strongly believe that this law will change and everyone will be able to have their own marijuana plantation, even if it will be in a home garden.

As a shop Ziarno Życia we do not encourage you to break the law, but we encourage you to buy original and feminized hemp seeds that can be legally possessed. In our store you will find both full-season and automatic marijuana seeds. Sativa, indica and hybrid fans will also find something for themselves. The best producers and always fresh seeds only in store No. 1 in Poland – Ziarno Życia. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook - click - to keep up to date with promotions, contests, etc.

Marijuana plantations in Poland

In Poland, there are plantations, although legal only with hemp, which may contain up to 0.2% THC (there is currently a law in the Sejm that increases the THC test to 0.3%).

Below we present you a photo gallery showing cannabis plantations in various corners of the world, where it is allowed by law. Nice watch.

Marijuana plantations gallery:

Own marijuana plantation

If you live in a country where the law allows marijuana cultivation, you can make your own cannabis plantation. You will need marijuana seeds, preferably feminized. In our store you will find such straight from the best producers in the world. If you are a resident of Poland, remember that in the country on the Vistula River, the law prohibits the cultivation of marijuana, and all information contained on our website is for information purposes only and is not an invitation to break the law.

Feminized seeds are essential to have marijuana plantations:

Cannabis plantations from automatic seeds: