For novice collectors, the multitude of cannabis strains can be overwhelming. However, the progressive decriminalization and legalization of this plant in the world mean that producers create varieties that will appeal to customers the most. The industry is constantly growing and, like any other, prepares its groupings, conferences and rankings. Get to know the competitions organized by collectors and check what qualities of marijuana are particularly popular.

What makes award-winning marijuana strains stand out?

The best cannabis strains is quite an elite group, which includes particularly outstanding plants, appreciated by collectors. The assessment is made in terms of the selected feature, one of them may be the time of flowering, and more precisely the speed of this process. The distinguished varieties include Seni Seeds with a sweet and earthy aroma with a hint of blueberry and pine, the average flowering time of which is 7-9 weeks. It also stands out the best feminized strains, i.e. those that do not have male plants, thanks to which the yield is much higher. It is a seed from which the crop can reach a height of over 2 meters (!). Durban Poison with an aromatic scent of citrus, licorice and spices. It is a XNUMX% Sativa variety, so it provides a creative and uplifting effect. In line with market trends the best feminized strains should also be considered Royal Gorilla or Green Crack Punch. The evaluation criterion may be the percentage of THC content, i.e. the substance responsible for psychoactive effects. Other listings include proven hemp varietieswhich will be appreciated by both beginners and advanced collectors. This group includes Blue Dream, which will be perfect for beginner collectors and Jack Herer Auto, a plant that is a balanced composition of three types of marijuana with 50% Sativa dominance, thanks to which it stimulates creativity, and at the same time introduces relaxation and joyful mood.

Prestigious competition for cannabis - what are they about?

Cannabis contests

Award-winning marijuana strains is a guarantee of high quality, proven genetics and collector's satisfaction. However, it should be emphasized that cannabis contests they do not give a clear answer as to which variety is the best, because everyone appreciates a different feature in hemp. Some are interested in the speed of flowering, others in the appearance of the plant, and still others are looking for a combination of high yield and high THC content. It happens, however, that some cannabis is repeatedly awarded in various competitions for the best cannabis strains, so it's worth following such events. One of them is the Cannabis Cup, which has been organized since the 80s amsthirdamski festival, during which new types of marijuana are presented and evaluated. Award-winning marijuana strains may have a high concentration of THC, so judges must have a high resistance to this substance. Ziarno Życia offers seeds whose properties are appreciated by experts around the world. Cannabis contests are often organized during industry events, as in the case of "Treating Yourself Expo". In 2010, the variety was distinguished at this fair Bubba Kush and was awarded first place. And you, what proven hemp varieties would you choose if marijuana was legalized in Poland? In the Seeds of Life offer you will find a wide range of seeds that will be appreciated by both those who care about a quick crop and those who focus on high THC content.

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