CBD cosmetics

CBD cosmetics

CBD is a phytocannabinoid obtained mainly from hemp. To date, it is the most researched of over 100 other cannabinoids contained in hemp. Most people have already learned the beneficial properties of this natural compound by taking it, among others, in the form of CBD oil, hemp oil. However, it is worth paying attention to the properties of cannabidiol contained in cosmetics, i.e. its effect on our skin!

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Properties of CBD in cosmetics

Why are more and more cosmetic companies deciding to create their hemp cosmetics line, and recently also a line of cosmetics with CBD? Is it just the effect of the current fashion, or is cannabidiol really worth the attention of every self-care woman?

In order to better understand the effects of CBD on our skin, you should familiarize yourself with the basic knowledge about the endocannabinoid system that is found in the human body. Read exactly about CBD and the mentioned system here.

The endocannabinoid system in the skin

In short, it is worth knowing that the EKAN system is involved in the regulation of many physiological processes occurring in our body. It is also known that elements of the endocannabinoid system are also found in human skin, which is crucial if we want to understand the main effects of CBD contained in cosmetics. Cannabidiol can replace some internal cannabinoids and thus enter the pathways regulating selected physiological processes. The EKAN system contained in the skin regulates, among others, the differentiation and growth of cells contained in it, and also regulates anti-inflammatory processes. Thus, we know that CBD can inhibit excessive sebum production in the skin, and can have anti-inflammatory effects.

CBD cosmetics - research

There is a study on human sebaceous cells (in vivo) that shows the regulatory effect of CBD on lipid synthesis by cells contained in the skin. Read more about this study in our blog post: “CBD cosmetics and acne/seborrheic skin.”

In the described study, it turned out that CBD does not affect the basic work of seborrheic cells, but it can regulate the excessive production of sebum caused by the pro-acne agent. Cannabidiol reduced the proliferation of sebocytes, i.e. the proliferation of seborrheic cells, but did not affect their viability.


 What to use CBD cosmetics for?

Cosmetics with CBD and hemp cosmetics are recommended for all skin types, but above all for problematic skin, be it the one prone to dryness and irritation, or the acne and oily one. Good CBD cosmetics are great for allergic, irritated, reddened and discolored skin. It is worth trying hemp cosmetics for skin with atopic inflammation and excessively dry skin. However, you should remember to use only cosmetics with a good composition and a large amount of active ingredients. You can find such cosmetics in our hemp shop Ziarno Życia. In our store, we make the first selection and check the composition of the cosmetics we offer and how they work. Try CBD cosmetics that we have chosen for you :)