Relaxing marijuana strains - the most interesting strains for lovers of modern genetics

relaxing marijuana strains

Relaxing marijuana strains

Marijuana has long been known for its relaxing effects on the body and mind. For many people, it is the perfect way to get away from everyday life stress and find the moment respite. This is one of the hallmarks of marijuana, which classifies cannabis as a drug, available in pharmacies by prescription, in many countries. Of course, recreational cannabis users also appreciate it soothing and relaxing properties this plant.

There are many varieties of marijuana, which are primarily famous for their relaxing properties. Such varieties help to forget about stress for a while, relax the body and/or calm the mind. In this article, we will present a few of them, presenting mainly the most recent ones the genetics of relaxing marijuana. Thus, we will present the latest achievements of global cannabis seed producers.

Relaxing marijuana strains


sundae driver marijuana seeds rqs new 2023 feminized pink packaging

2023 proposal from RQS – Sundea Driver 

We start relaxing marijuana strains with a proposal from a Dutch producer Royal Queen Seeds. IN 2023 he released the seeds of the variety on the market Sundae Driver, also known as the Sunday Driver. It is perfectly balanced hybrid, which has a lot to offer precisely in terms of properties relaxation. It was created from the crossbreeding of varieties Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie. Her aroma is extremely fruity, combining sweet notes of candy, grapes and berries with delicate earthy accents and spicy tones of vanilla. This is the perfect strain for lovers of fruity genetics.

Sundae Driver contains high content THCreaching even 24%which translates into a strong and comprehensive action. Consumers can expect both feelings of increased satisfaction, excitement and motivation as well as pleasant relaxation.

Thanks to the short flowering time, you can quickly enjoy its unique properties. If you are looking for a variety that will enable you relaxation and help to overcome everyday stress, Sundae Driver may be the perfect choice. Its unique aroma and versatile effects make it a strain to look out for, especially if you're a fan of relaxing and fruity genetics.

Barneys Farm - Runtz x Layer Cake – relaxing hybrid

Relaxing marijuana strains can also be found from a respected producer Barneys Farm. An example of this type of strains is Runtz x Layer Cake - it's unique hybrid, characterized by a perfect balance (50 indica - 50 sativa). In addition, this strain has an extremely strong and relaxing action, while stimulating creativity and uplifting. Such a mix will appeal to many cannabis connoisseurs.

The taste of this variety is a combination of citrus, diesel oil and earthy and spicy notes. The aroma resembles tropical fruits, enriched with a sweet and herbal bouquet. Relaxing marijuana strains have been expanded to include this variety in the year 2022.

Runtz x Layer Cake it is not only unique in taste and smell, but also attracts attention due to its ease of cultivation, high yields, high resistance and unique relaxing effect and unique taste.

runtz-x-layer-cake Dutch marijuana seeds barneys farm

If you're looking for the perfect strain to unwind, unleash your creativity and uplift your mood, Runtz x Layer Cake will surely meet your expectations. Its harmonious combination of properties indica i sativa make it a strain that deserves special recognition from any cannabis connoisseur.

GG4 Sherbet FF Fast Buds hemp seeds new 2023 new

American definition of relaxation from Fast Buds

GG4 Sherbet FF od Fast Buds completes the list of relaxing marijuana strains, genetics American producer's. This is a delightful marijuana strain with a sherbet terpene profile. These latest genes from Fast Buds contain impressive 27% THCwhich guarantees strong and intense sensations. This hardy and easy to grow variety indica provides relaxing experiences that cover the whole body and make you smile from ear to ear.

Thanks to the advantage indicawe can expect good mood, relaxed body and feelings of joy. The high is pleasant euphoricbut at the same time with a calm character, which allows you to fully enjoy this unique experience. At higher doses, you may feel the need to sink into the couch to fully experience the deep yet exhilarating relaxation.

GG4 Sherbet FF guarantees long-term action, putting you in the right mood, and effectively reducing anxiety and stress. It is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a moment of peace and relaxation. Relaxing marijuana strains would be incomplete without this strain.

Its unusual taste is a harmonious mix of fruity, earthy and sweet aromas that alternate with spicy and musky notes, underlined by a delicate note of creamy hazelnut.

GG4 Sherbet FF is a strain that is sure to delight marijuana lovers who appreciate both unique tasteas well as relaxing properties that will allow for a moment of true relaxation and forget about everyday worries.

Relaxing and automatic marijuana strains.

Relaxing marijuana strains autoflowering represents e.g. Auto Forbidden Cherry. This is a fascinating novelty in the world of autoflowering seeds, introduced by Dutch Passion in 2023. What distinguishes this variety and why is it worth having in your collection? First of all, it is an extremely versatile plant that works well in various climatic conditions. Is robust, resistant and stable. Auto Forbidden Cherry is a unique Indica-dominant hybrid with intense purple hues. Its operation will certainly appeal to both recreational and medical users.

Terpene profile Auto Forbidden Cherry can be described as intense, fruity and earthy. The fragrance clearly features citrus notes, forest fruits, as well as lavender and spices. The taste is typical of the Kush variety, with slightly noticeable fruity accents. The smoke is pleasantly delicate and smooth.


Effect and action Auto Forbidden Cherry is strong reassuring, soothing i relaxing. The high is pleasant, mellow, one might say perfect. Particularly appreciated by users of medical marijuana. Thanks to the presence of genes sativa, the action does not cause a blockage on a physical level, and sometimes it can even turn into an uplifting and slightly stimulating one. The effect is medium lasting, but definitely relaxes the mind. This hybrid is perfect for a quiet evening watching movies on Netflix or an afternoon with friends. Due to its balanced operation, it is also suitable for beginners.

Relaxing marijuana strains - an overview of older genes

The above cannabis strains are from the turn of 2022 and 2023. Of course, there are plenty of relaxing seeds on the market and it is impossible to list them all. Below you will find some of them that have been appreciated by marijuana lovers from around the world for years:

relaxing cannabis strains

Relaxing marijuana strains - summary

Over the years, better and more resistant marijuana genes are developed, which are characterized by a more euphoric effect (recreational marijuana), but also a typically relaxing and calming effect (medical marijuana). There are also balanced hybrids that combine both actions. Thanks to the work of experienced breeders, the choice of cannabis genes in the form of seeds is really huge. Everyone can find their ideal relaxing marijuana strain.

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