Sativa vs indica - what to choose?

When searching for the best feminized seeds, we choose from thousands of different genetics. One of the criteria that are taken into account in this case is the content of genes sativa and indica. To know what to choose, you must understand what are the differentice between marijuana sativa, and indicaand also specify exactly what these seeds are for!

In this post, we will introduce you to the topic of seeds sativa and seeds indica. We will answer, among others, the following questions:

  • What are the differences between the varieties sativa from varieties indica?
  • Is on indoor choose seeds sativa vs indica?
  • Which Cannabis Seeds Will Be Best For outdoor -sativa vs indica?
  • Which marijuana is better sativa vs indica?
Sativa vs Indica

Where did the division into marijuana come from? Sativa vs indica 

To begin with, it should be recalled that we currently distinguish 3 species of cannabis - so theoretically we have something more than just that sativa vs indica. Although for some, they are just different types of one species. Nevertheless, they include the so-called hemp Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis ruderalis. As these types of cannabis were discovered, they were classified. Cannabis was the first to be described Sativa L., i.e. the so-called hemp. In the 50s, this type of hemp was successfully cultivated, among others, In EurOpie. A dozen or so years later, a Frenchman, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, found hemp in India that was different from those described as Cannabis. Sativa. He described and named it: Cannabis Indica. In his opinion, this hemp did not produce fibers as strong as those known from Europy hemp. However, he drew attention to their much greater intoxicating effect. The last type - Cannabis Ruderalis is a wild hemp found in Russia, whose genetics are currently used to create autoflowering varieties.

Hemp Sativa vs Indica – how do they differ?

Every cannabis enthusiast already knows that no two varieties of this plant are the same. Every newly created genetic is unique, and differences can be found in virtually all features. We are talking about, for example, the appearance of the plant, its leaf shape, structure, the way it grows, but also the color, smell, taste of hemp, or the effect it causes. So how to clearly identify the characteristics of varieties Sativa vs Indica? Well, at the very beginning, when we were dealing with pure Sativa genetics Europa or pure Indica from India, the differences between both species were clear! Over time, with the creation of new varieties and mixing of genes, these features began to blur. Producers of new genetics select the best features for crossbreeding and combine them to obtain the best of both worlds in one variety, i.e. the world of indica and sativa!

In this way, we have, for example, a marijuana variety with a significant genotype advantage Sativathat grows as usual indica, as a low bush with many lateral branches, and contains a very large amount of THC, causing an intoxicating effect. One such variant is, for example, Tangerine Dream od Barneys Farm . In addition to the listed features, it is worth mentioning its very substantial yield, which in the conditions indoor it can even be over 600 g/m2; as well as about its medical properties, e.g. analgesic, anti-inflammatory or uplifting.

As you already guessed, Cannabis Sativa nowadays we divide it into fibrous hemp, i.e. the so-called industrial, which contain small amounts of THC, and the so-called psychoactive marijuana. Marijuana is also called Cannabis Indicaaka Indian hemp.

Tangerine Dream Barneys Farm


Like genetics sativa vs indica manifest in the appearance of cannabis?

Sativas are slimmer and taller, which means they also have larger internodal spacing. Sativa leaves are narrower and the buds are more aerated, light and delicate. It has been known for a long time that both plants and animals, with their structure and construction, adapt to the prevailing conditions in their environment. Sativas were naturally found in warm and tropical regions. Thanks to the described structure, these plants could survive and cope with pests, mold and high temperature.

Indicas had to adapt to completely different conditions. We are talking about cool mountainous areas here. In this case, the summers are definitely cooler and, above all, shorter. In order to carry out photosynthesis more efficiently, cannabis has developed wider, fan-shaped leaves. To cope with the wind they remained shorter and sturdier. Genetics Indica it also has a shorter flowering time. Typical indica buds will be more compact and dense.

outdoor marijuana seeds sativa

Diffice in the cultivation of marijuana: sativa vs indica

We already know what climates will be best for indicaand which for sativa. What else distinguishes these two species when growing them?

Sativas need longer and warmer summers. Their flowering phase lasts longer than the varieties indica. This species elongates upwards towards the light as it increases in size. If it has the right conditions, i.e. a lot of space for roots, a stable substrate, it can reach very high heights, even well over 3 meters! Among other things, for this reason sativas are often chosen for cultivation outdoor.
Needless to say, that's the case marijuana seeds sativa it is worth paying attention to the information from the producer - what height the varieties reach.

Cannabis - Cannabis Indica grow to form dense bushes. This genetic, as a rule, does not reach such significant sizes as the previous one. As mentioned, indicas also have a shorter flowering time which is desirable in climates with shorter summers. The indica traits of smaller size and shorter flowering time will be beneficial when grown Indoor. The shorter life cycle of the plant gives growers the opportunity to harvest even several times a year. This will definitely increase crop productivity indoor with limited space, on an annual basis! By the way, it is worth mentioning once again about the origin of hemp indica. The natural habitat of these genes is cool, mountainous regions. This means nothing more than greater resistance to low temperatures. So indicas will also be great for growing outdoor in colder climates, e.g. in temperate climates.

marijuana seeds indica indoor

The different effects of cannabis sativa vs indica

What do you prefer? sativa vs indica? With such a question, it is always about the type of effect that marijuana produces. Every connoisseur knows exactly what he prefers and when.😊 It has been assumed that the relaxing, calming effect and the so-called. being stuck in the chair characterizes indica. Sativa however, it is a typical companion of parties and all integrations! Experts associate it with a stimulating, cheerful, euphoric and mood-enhancing effect. With hybrid strains, the actions are usually unpredictable and complex.


marijuana seeds Sativa 100%


pexels photo Indica marijuana seeds

It turns out, however, that not everyone has the same opinion about the difference in the effect of sativas and indicas on humans. Some experts in the field deny that it's genetics sativa/indica effect could be determined. It would seem logical, considering the fact that the effect of cannabis consists of many substances contained in it. We are talking here not only about psychoactive THC, but also other cannabinoids and their proportions, as well as terpenes or flavonoids that are not indifferent to our body. Everything that is contained in the plant, together, makes up the entire effect caused by it. However, such a distinction certainly did not come out of nowhere. The opinion of many experienced recreational users who have had the opportunity to consciously try both indica and sativa is enough. Nevertheless, there is no specific answer as to what exactly the substances contained in the plant are indica or sativa would have the opposite effects described above. However, it is assumed that this difference in effect may be due to the presence of different terpenes in both types of cannabis. As we know, terpenes can have both a calming and relaxing effect, as well as an uplifting and energizing effect.

Which genetics will be better sativa vs indica?

The best place to answer this question will be the end of our entry. You already know what the basic differences areice between indica and sativa in appearance, cultivation, effect. You will also know what the seed manufacturer means when describing the characteristics of his new genetics! Now all you have to do is answer the question what are you looking for and what do you expect. 😉

Summation sativa vs indica

Currently, the percentage of the genotype indica i sativa may or may not tell us much about the plant. In addition to these parameters, it is worth paying attention to the descriptions of marijuana seed producers. The world's feminized seed producers are doing their best to create varieties with the most desirable traits, and to correctly describe their new genetics. In addition, their goal is to create genotypically and phenotypically stable varieties. This means nothing more than that the description of the genetics they give to growers and collectors will reflect the main characteristics of the plant produced from the seed. By knowing the differences between the species sativa vs indica  it will certainly be easier to understand the descriptions of marijuana strains. It will also be easier to communicate in the environment of cannabis enthusiasts.

We hope this post was helpful to you, and cannabis descriptions like this: "the appearance of the bush and the structure of the leaves are more like sativa, while the effect is typical indicawill no longer be a mystery to you.

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