Sensimilla what does it mean?

Sensimilla, or rather sinsemilla, is a Spanish word. Literally "sin semilla" translates as "without seeds". The term was also adopted in the 70s. In one sentence sensimilla means cannabis flowers derived from unfertilized female plants. So it's a specially bred type of marijuana. Female plants or otherwise feminized they are specially bred to get as much resin out of them as possible. For this to happen, females must be kept apart from males to prevent pollination and thus seed production.



The female cannabis flowers are called sensimilla feuds.

In the beginning, hemp was mainly grown outdoors, without special care and without the use of special marijuana cultivation techniques. The result was plants with meager buds and seeds. Unfortunately, pollen from males is so created by nature that it is very easy to pollinate females, even when they are quite distant. When breeders started separating females from males, the plants started producing lush, juicy buds. Such flowers were incomparably better and more valuable, which is why attention was focused on them. Currently having feminized seeds and growing cannabis in conditions indoor, it is no longer difficult to obtain high-quality plants sensimilla.

sinesmill flower

Variety sensimilla - marijuana without seeds


It is said that S will cheer everyone up, thanks to the large amount of resin rich in THC. Because it is the plants that put all their power into the development of flowers that are the tastiest and strongest. Instead of producing seeds, they produce juicier, resin-rich, terpene- and cannabinoid-rich buds. Of course, biggerpowermakes cannabis an even more “dangerous” plant in most countries. Although it is medical marijuana already used by doctors in the world, it contains the largest amounts of psychoactive THC.

Sensimilla Feminized Seeds

Thanks to producers from all over the worldwho were involved in the creation feminized seeds, growers no longer have to worry about finding one male that will spoil their crops. Such an inevitable risk is always present when using the so-called regular seeds. All collector marijuana seeds that you will find in our store's offer are so-called. Sensimilla seeds! We only sell feminized seeds, which (in countries where the law allows it) will only grow females. If you collect the best varieties of marijuana, this is also important information for you! The most valuable genes for collectors are the genes of feminized plants.

sensimilla plants - indoor

Sensimilla plants – indoor

Growing female cannabis indoors

Sensimilla variety

Below you will find feminized seeds different varieties of sensimilla. Due to the large number of sensimilla strains, it is impossible to briefly describe each of them. Click and find out, because each variety of sensimilla is described in detail by us.

Discover the world of sensimilla - the purest form of hemp that will give you a unique experience.

Cannabis has been used for centuries for both medical and recreational purposes. With legalization in many parts of the world, cannabis use has become increasingly popular. One of the purest and most sought after varieties is sensimilla. Sensimilla is a cannabis strain that is characterized by being fully female and does not contain seeds. It is the lack of seeds that makes sensimilla considered the purest form of cannabis, as there is no male plant that can cross with the female and reduce the THC content.

What are the benefits of sensimilla?


Sensimilla is a highly sought after strain due to its purity and potent effects. Here are some advantages that attract cannabis enthusiasts to sensimilla:

  • Purity: Sensimilla contains no seeds or male plants, meaning it is fully female and does not get contaminated by other strains.
  • Strong Effect: Due to its high THC content, sensimilla is very potent and can give users an unforgettable experience.
  • Quality: Since sensimilla is difficult to obtain and requires special care during cultivation, it can be more expensive, but its quality is worth the expense.
  • Taste: Sensimilla often has an intense and rich flavor that attracts cannabis lovers.
  • Safe: No seeds mean no unwanted plants, especially male ones, to worry about

How to grow sensimilla?

Sensimilla is difficult to grow and requires special attention to achieve the best results. Here are some tips on how to grow sensimilla:

  • Choose the right seeds: To get a sensimilla, you need to choose the right seeds that will provide a seedless female plant. Feminized seeds and/ or automatic are most commonly used to grow sensimilla.
  • Control the environment: Sensimilla requires a special environment to grow, including the right temperature, humidity, lighting, and ventilation. Controlling these factors is key to getting the best results.
  • Use pruning methods: To get the maximum amount of resin, it is necessary to prune and cut the plant. These methods also help to preserve the purity and increase the quality of the sensimilla.
  • Use the right fertilizers: Sensimilla requires special fertilizers and nutrients to achieve the best results. It is worth consulting with professionals or using ready-made mixtures of fertilizers designed specifically for sensimillia.
  • Harvest at the right time: For maximum potency and quality, sensimilla should be harvested at the right time. This is usually done when most of the trichomes on the inflorescence have turned from white to brown.

Is sensimilla legal?

medical sensimilla

Under the laws of most countries, the cultivation, possession and use of cannabis is illegal. However, in some countries and states, the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes is legal. Before growing or using sensimilla, you should carefully check your local cannabis laws. IN Poland cannabis cultivation is illegal. You can only possess sensimilla seeds completely legally.

Is sensimilla safe? The use of sensimilla can be safe, provided it is used in moderation and according to the instructions. Like any psychoactive substance, the abuse of sensimilla can lead to negative effects on physical and mental health.


Sensimilla is a unique cannabis strain that is seedless and has an exceptionally pure and potent resin. To get the best results from growing this strain, you need to choose the right seeds, control the growing environment, use pruning methods, use the right fertilizers, and harvest at the right time. The use of sensimilla may be safe, but like any psychoactive substance, it should be used in moderation and according to instructions. Please check your local cannabis laws carefully before growing or using sensimilla.

Fun fact: Some synonyms for “sensimilla” are: marijuana, cannabis, grass, ganja, hashish, skunk.

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