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Welcome to the cannabis seed shop, a real hub for all cannabis lovers. We offer a wide selection of the highest quality seeds, excellent customer service and knowledge that we gain over years of experience. In our assortment you will find seeds feminized, automatic, indica, sativa, hybridsperfect varieties for outdoor, indoor etc. Everyone will find something for themselves. You can also buy from us hemp cosmetics, CBD oils and many others. Numerous promotions, discount codes, and ubiquitous freebies will help you get the best price for the highest quality products.

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marijuana seed shop

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Our roots and mission

Ziarno Życia was created out of passion and love for marijuana. Our mission is to promote responsible and legal cannabis cultivation for medical and recreational purposes. We strive to educate our clients on the law, breeding, health benefits and uses of hemp to fully exploit the potential of this amazing plant. By educating, he does not intend to persuade anyone to break the law. If in your country it is illegal to grow marijuana, or even to possess only seeds, then treat the content on this page only as curiosities.

Huge selection of seeds

We are proud of our wide range of marijuana seeds. In our store you will find everything you need, whether you are a beginner or an experienced breeder. We have seeds of different varieties, from classic and popular to rare and exotic. We offer only female seeds from the best producers in the world.

The best brands and manufacturers

W Ziarno Życia we only work with trusted producers and reputable seed brands. We make sure that our products are fresh, of high quality and meet the highest standards. It is thanks to our partners that we can offer reliable seeds that will ensure rich yields and exceptional results.

Customer care

Our customer service is not only providing information, but also support at every stage of purchase and breeding. Our experienced cannabis experts will be happy to help you choose the right seeds, answer your questions and provide advice on breeding. We value each client and always try to provide an individual approach.

Blog and educational materials

W Ziarno Życia we believe that education is the key to properly growing marijuana. That is why we regularly publish valuable articles, guides and information on our blog, which is a real source of knowledge for breeders of all levels. There you will find tips on growing techniques, troubleshooting and much more.

Discretion and security

As a professional marijuana seed shop, we care about the full discretion of our customers. Your data is safe with us, and we pack orders carefully, ensuring complete anonymity. We work with trusted courier companies to deliver the order straight to your door, maintaining full security during the shipment, which does not reveal its contents even to the courier.

Promotions and loyalty program

W Ziarno Życia we appreciate our customers and want to thank them for their trust. That is why we regularly offer promotions on seeds and other products.

Marijuana seed shop Ziarno Życia is a place where passion and experience meet to provide you with the highest quality seeds, support in breeding and knowledge about cannabis. Our team of cannabis experts is ready to answer your questions, help you choose the right seeds and accompany you on your cannabis adventure. Join us and discover the world of unlimited cannabis potential!


The website you have visited and most of the products offered on it are intended only for adults. Customer purchasing marijuana seeds on the store's website Ziarno Życia is obliged to familiarize himself with local regulations and to comply with them. Website owner Ziarno Życia is not responsible for any illegal use of seeds by customers.

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Marijuana seeds are sold as collectibles and souvenirs. In Poland, cannabis seeds are not classified as a precursor for creating drugs because they do not contain psychoactive compounds, including THC. The mere possession, purchase and storage of seeds in our country remains permitted.

However, it should be remembered that in Poland, in accordance with applicable regulations, the cultivation of cannabis plants, including the sowing of seeds of such plants, is illegal.

All content presented on this website is for informational, educational and interesting purposes only. All product descriptions of hemp seeds are necessary to represent the collector's value, they were written based on the information available on the producers' official websites.

If you have any doubts about the legality of possessing marijuana seeds or using other cannabis products, we recommend consulting with an attorney.

Information for customers from outside Poland:

Laws regarding the possession, purchase and use of marijuana seeds vary from country to country. Customers outside Poland ordering products on this website (including CBD products, hemp seeds, hemp oils, etc.) are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and complying with the laws in force in their own countries. Service Ziarno Życia is not responsible for non-compliance with the law by customers from other countries. If you are unsure about the legality of our products in a particular country, we recommend that you consult your local attorney.