Record marijuana sales in Colorado.

In the United States, the state of Colorado has now surpassed $10 billion in total legal cannabis sales since the legal trade began in 2014. According to the state department, in January 2021 marijuana sales reached $187.

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Cannabis taxes and fees apply to both recreational and medical marijuana. Income from taxes and fees goes to local governments and educational institutions. It has been calculated that since 2014, marijuana sales have contributed $1.6 billion to the state coffers.

Three-quarters of marijuana tax and fee income goes to the state's marijuana tax cash fund, which provides funding to the governor's office, education department, and attorney general, among others.

Another 15,56 percent goes to the state's general fund, and the remaining 12 percent goes to the state's public school fund, according to nonpartisan Legislative Council staff.

Tax revenue is collected from a 2,9 percent state tax on retail marijuana sales sold in stores, a 15 percent tax on retail marijuana sold in stores, and a 15 percent retail marijuana excise tax on wholesale or retail marijuana transfers. Fee revenue comes from fees licemarijuana tax and application fees.

In February, Colorado collected $34 in marijuana taxes and fees. The Colorado State Department of Revenue will publish total sales for this month in April. Colorado collected a total of $747 in marijuana taxes and fees this year.

As you can see from the example above, it pays to legalize marijuana. The impact on the budget is significant, while eliminating the cannabis black market. We hope that in Poland we will see a legal status that, as shown in the example above, can significantly help in patching the budget hole. For now, we can legally buy CBD products, or THC marijuana seeds, but the latter without the possibility of legal sowing.


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