What are the characteristics of fast varieties? outdoor?

quick varieties outdoor

Cannabis lovers who live in temperate climates and are impatient will, in most cases, choose fast cannabis strains that can be grown outdoors. Exactly that quick varieties outdoor, which quickly turn into flowering phase and are exceptionally hardy, they will be an ideal choice for outdoor growers, especially in climates where the plants' growing season is short.

In this entry, we will present you some interesting, quick variations outdoor from three categories – strains automatic, semi-seasonal and full-season. Everyone will find something for themselves, because in each category we will choose resistant, delicious, strong varieties that are able to produce a large crop in a short time.

Before you see what quick variations outdoor We have prepared something for you, it's worth finding out how geographical coordinates affect the length of the season. And why are fast strains so popular in some parts of the world and not in others?

How does geography affect the cannabis growing season?

The further from the equator, both in the north and in the south, the shorter the growing season. In general, the rule is simple: the further from the equator, the shorter the growing season.

  1. High Latitudes: Regions above 45 degrees latitude in the Northern Hemisphere (such as parts of Canada, the northern regions of the United States, the northern Europa) and respectively in the southern hemisphere (such as southern South America, southern New Zealand), often have shorter summers and longer winters. This shortens the period during which plants can grow outdoors.
  2. Climate: In the regions mentioned above, summer is shorter and the risk of frost in early autumn is greater. This means plants have less time to fully develop and flower before cooler temperatures arrive.
  3. Variety Selection: It is for these latitudes that fast varieties are recommended outdoor, which may complete their life cycle before the arrival of colder weather.
  4. Planning: When planning cultivation, it is important to take into account the local vegetation calendar - the time from the last spring frosts to the first autumn frosts. This will help you determine the best time to plant and harvest your crops.

Keeping these factors in mind, breeders in regions with a shorter growing season can plan their crops accordingly and choose, for example, fast varieties outdoorto increase the chances of a successful harvest.

NOTE: In Poland, as in many other countries around the world, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fiber hemp. This entry is not intended to encourage breaking the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and interesting purposes only.

Interesting, quick variations outdoor – an overview of strains

A review of cannabis strains, we start with those genetics that are able to produce a very large, strong crop when grown outdoors in a short period of time. Quick variations outdoor in this list they will be characterized by at least: resistance, high or very high level THC and of course large yield – this is the essence of outdoor cultivation. We will compile only gems, highlighting several automatic, semi-automatic and full-season varieties. So that everyone can find something for themselves in one place and choose their favorite quick varieties outdoor.

Automatic fast variations outdoor


Quick variations outdoor we open with an automatic strain from a Dutch manufacturer Barney’s Farm. The first point we would like to discuss is the growth rate and yield that can be achieved with Auto Runtz. This strain only needs approx 70 days from the moment the seeds are planted in the ground until they are harvested. This is a truly impressive result considering how much you can get from it. And this result is even up to 500 gram per square meter. It is also worth adding that this plant reaches up to one and a half meters in height, although of course the final size depends on many factors and the experience of the grower.

Quick varieties outdoor - Auto Runtz

This variety of cannabis impresses not only with its considerable yield - it also pleasantly surprises with its potency. Research conducted by growers from Barney’s Farm indicate that THC levels in Auto Runtz it can even reach the incredible 27%. And all this translates into great popularity Auto Runtz among collectors and others. Interestingly, this strain is typical indica, which, combined with high power, guarantees a state of deep relaxation.

Another aspect worth emphasizing is the unusual aroma Auto Runtz. The dominant terpene is limonene, which is what makes hemp Auto Runtz have a characteristic, citrus scent. In addition, fruity, sweet and candy notes are clearly felt. This is what smoking makes Auto Runtz becomes a real experience for the senses.

If you are a beginner grower Auto Runtz may be the perfect choice for you. It is a plant that does not cause too many problems and at the same time provides a large, aromatic and strong harvest. It is worth considering it when planning your season, of course in a country where cultivation is allowed or fully legal.

As you can see the summary fast varieties outdoor We started strong and with taste. And this one is resistant, autoflowering indica this is just the beginning of this list.


This variation from Dutch Dutch Passion is one of the most recognizable and valued among cannabis lovers. This is due to abundant harvests and resin-rich buds. The genetics of this variety are based on the legendary Grandaddy Purple and Orange Bud, which combined to create the tasty and powerful Orange Punch. Later, this strain was crossed with Auto Kritical Bilbo, resulting in this final strain. Quick variations outdoor Auto Critical Orange Punch This is a guarantee of huge, strong harvests in a short time.

Auto Critical Orange Punch is an exceptionally efficient automatic strain that delights even novice growers with its yields. It does not require specialized knowledge, complicated techniques or even advanced use of nutrients. Everyone, regardless of experience level, can enjoy the satisfactory results of growing this strain.

Not only are these seeds extremely easy to grow, but the harvest is quick. Even novice growers can expect yields within limits 450-600 g / m2. Experienced growers can achieve results of up to 700 g / m2.

Adult plants reach a low size of between 70 cm and 1 m, and when grown outdoors, the entire process takes from 85 to 90 days. Auto Critical Orange Punch also does well in well-ventilated areas greenhouses.

A quick variation for outdoors - Auto Critical Orange Punch

Auto Critical Orange Punch is a variety that combines powerful yield with extraordinary taste. If you are a beginner grower or an experienced specialist, this strain has a lot to offer. It offers heavy yields and easy cultivation, making it an attractive choice for a wide range of fast cannabis enthusiasts. outdoor.


Now for quick variations outdoor will feed the strain from Green House Seed. King’s Kush Auto it can be grown practically anywhere, from a well-lit room, through a sunny balcony, to a garden. This small variety, reaching a maximum 90 cm height, it will be perfect for minimalist spaces and will be a discreet element of your cultivation. As it grows, it produces large flowers on the main stem and smaller flowers on the side branches, making it an ideal project even for beginner growers. It is worth considering the “Sea of ​​Green” technique (SOG) to achieve impressive yields.

Kings Kush Auto a quick change to the outdoors

King’s Kush begins flowering between the 4th and 7th week of life, and the time from the first signs of flowering to harvest is only a short time 8 weeks. In conditions outdoor you can expect approx 80 gram from one plant. At the end of the flowering period, the leaves and buds take on a ruddy shade, and the sweet scent of Kush with notes of grapes and delicate lavender fills the air. The overall flavor profile of this variety is sweet and when processed Curring, the smoke of burning buds acquires a taste reminiscent of sweet grapes. This is another example of that quick varieties outdoor they can also be abundant with delicious smell and taste.

If you want to get the highest possible yield from King’s Kush Auto, it is worth considering the SOG (Sea of ​​Green) cultivation technique. This is a simple way to achieve an impressive amount of flowers. It involves increasing the number of plants per square meter, which allows for maximum use of available light and space. However, remember to maintain appropriate spaces between plants to ensure adequate ventilation.

King’s Kush Auto is a small variety that, despite its compact size, can deliver impressive yields. If you are looking for a plant that is easy to grow and extremely versatile, King’s Kush Auto may be the perfect choice. Whether you are an experienced grower or just starting your cannabis adventure, this strain will not disappoint you.

The oldest automatic indica - HINDU KUSH AUTO

Hindu Kush it is one of the oldest and purest varieties Indica, which is appreciated by breeders and cannabis lovers around the world. Sensi Seeds tried to preserve its original features and give it an automatic character. This variety was carefully stabilized in the laboratory, and its seeds were distributed to breeders around the world.

The result of this work is marijuana, which delights with its distinctive smell, taste and mighty power. This variety has won many prestigious awards in hemp competitions, which only confirms its uniqueness. It has also been recognized more than once as one of the 25 best varieties of all time.

Hindu Kush Automatic contains only 10% of the Ruderalis genes that are responsible for automatic flowering. The remaining 90% is legendary genetics Hindu Kush, which has naturally adapted to the extreme conditions of the Hindu Kush mountains. Where these genetics originate, the weather can be capricious - extreme temperatures, intense solar radiation, downpours, storms and cold weather. These are the conditions that shaped the genes contained in this variety. This environment made me Hindu Kush developed natural resistance and became a fast-flowering variety. Cannabis plants in this region have experienced enough stress to produce colossal amounts of resin, which is why they are called hash plants.

This strain can mature almost anywhere without any hassle, and the result is marijuana with a generous amount of resin, ready in record time. Experience with Hindu Kush Automatic it is remembered for a long time and always comes back, so it is worth keeping this classic car in your genetic collection.

Quick variations outdoor - legendary Hindu Kush Auto

Legendary cannabis strains such as Hindu Kush, in full-season and autoflowering versions, play a key role in the history of cannabis lovers. They shaped our passion and contributed to the development of this fascinating plant. Thanks Hindu Kush Automatic, we can enjoy its extraordinary features in a simple and accessible way, and quick varieties outdoor are enriched with a true genetic legend.

Representative for the collection of quick varieties outdoor od Fast Buds


Skunk Auto, is another fascinating proposition from the Original Line series from a renowned manufacturer Fast Buds. This plant is a real champion in delivering yields - even impressive ones 500 gram – and in just 8 weeks! It is a real paradise for growers, both commercial and those just starting their adventure. This is a clear example of quick variations outdoor they can be very efficient.

Quick variations outdoor - Skunk car

This variety outdoor is famous for its short flowering time, which means a quick and efficient growing process. But it is not everything! This strain is also amazing resistant to harsher weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for growers in various regions. Even areas with a short summer season and a cool climate are not a problem for Skunk Auto.

After only approx 56 days from sowing, Skunk Auto will surprise the grower with dense, pink-purple buds. Moreover, these buds will spread scents of sweet, candy notes in the air that are reminiscent of the aroma of juicy forest fruits. It's a real feast for the senses!

Plants Skunk Auto They will reach a maximum height of about 100 cm, which makes them very practical and discreet. In terms of yields, you can expect yields of 400-500g/m2 of crop. These are truly impressive results!

If you are a beginner grower or you simply value quick results and exceptional taste, Skunk Auto od Fast Buds is the perfect proposition. This is a variety that not only provides abundant harvests, but also has an extremely sweet aroma. Take your senses on a journey through a delicious garden Skunk Auto!

Perfect for outdoors!

Semi-automatic (Fast Version) Fast Variations Outdoor

Currently fast varieties outdoor it's not just auto strains. In the world of cannabis cultivation, semi-automatic strains, also known as "fast versions", are gaining popularity, especially among growers outdoor. These unique varieties combine the features of photoperiod and autoflowering varieties, offering a fast life cycle and high quality and yield of crops.

What are Semi-Auto Variations?

Semi-automatic cannabis strains are hybrids that have been selected to accelerate flowering. Unlike typical autoflowering strains, which bloom regardless of the amount of light, semi-autoflowering strains require a change in the light cycle to begin flowering. However, their life cycle is shorter than traditional photoperiod varieties.

Sweet Seeds and its semi-automatic high-speed variants outdoor


Let's travel back in time to the 90s to take a look at one of the most iconic strains on the US West Coast - Ocean Grow Kush, also known as OG Kush. This is a variety that originated near Sunset Beach in southern California, probably around 1994. Now OG Kush receives a new form as Killer Kush F1, combining these legendary genetics with fast growth rates and high yields outdoors.

Killer Kush F1 is a hybrid that is 80% genetic Indica. Its basis is, of course, unforgettable OG Kush, but that's not the end of the story. A carefully selected genetic line of the third generation machine was used to create it Sweet Seeds, which makes it an ultra-fast strain.

This is a plant that not only has a powerful effect, but also produces large, aromatic buds covered with a dense layer of resin. In conditions outdoor, Killer Kush F1 achieves results oscillating at the level from 300 to 600 grams per plant, which makes it a real record holder in yield. The scent emitted by this plant and its dried buds is sweet, citrusy and slightly sour, with exotic tones that bring to mind the characteristic aromas of the Chemdawg-Diesel family.

Quick variations outdoor - Killer Kush F1

Killer Kush F1 is not only a strong plant, but also the powerful effects it produces. Its powerful, relaxing power is appreciated by many cannabis connoisseurs. This is a strain that can provide deep physical and mental relaxation, perfect at the end of the day.

If you are looking for a combination of iconic genetics OG Kush With a lightning-fast growing rate, Killer Kush F1 is perfect. This is a powerful hybrid that revives the legend of the west coast and is available in a fast variant. Ready for more experiences?


In the assortment Sweet Seeds we will find other semi-automatic high-speed varieties outdoor. In addition to the Killer Kush F1 described above, it is worth taking a look at the variety that was the winner of the Spannabis Champions Cup in 2017, in the competition for the best indica.

It is considered one of the most delicious cannabis varieties Sweet Seeds, in addition, it comes in a fast-flowering, but still photoperiod version. Of course I'm talking about Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version. Let's remember that Crystal Candy (SWS58) won first place in the competition for the best INDICA, so we can expect unique taste experiences from it.

A quick outdoor variety - Crystal Candy F1

marijuana seeds Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version (SWS73) is the result of crossing the photoperiod Crystal Candy with the selected genetic line Sweet Special Auto (SWS35). This combination of genes makes this variety retain an extremely characteristic and appetizing aroma that brings to mind a sweet smell strawberry bubble gum or the smell lingering in a candy store. It is this unique taste and aroma that make Crystal Candy Fast Version extremely appreciated by collectors.

Despite the rapid growth cycle, Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version it is extremely efficient. It produces large, densely resin-covered buds that are both aromatic and delicious. The flowers and leaves, at the right moment of flowering, are literally covered with dense trichomes with large heads. This variety is perfect for producing the highest quality hemp extracts. Crystal Candy extract will not only be exceptionally strong, but will also have an exceptionally pleasant aroma.

If you are a lover of the unforgettable taste and aroma of hemp, then Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version is for you. This strain combines fast growth and a unique flavor, creating a real treat for cannabis enthusiasts.

As you can see from the two examples above, quick variations outdoor od Sweet Seeds This is an interesting option for large yields in a short time when grown outdoors. The tabernacle doesn't give you a headache, but in the case of Fast Version varieties, the ones from Fast Buds from 2023.

Fast Version from America – i.e. fast varieties outdoor FF from Fast Buds


If you're looking for a quick change outdoor with a unique, sorbet-like terpene profile from an American manufacturer, you've come to the right place. GG4 Sherbet FF it's a real powerhouse with an impressive THC level of up to 27%. This resistant and easy to grow variety indica it provides a relaxing effect for the whole body and a smile from ear to ear, and of course, it works very well in outdoor cultivation.

This Fastflowering strain is the result of combining the powerful and aromatic Orange Sherbet genetics with the legendary Gorilla Glue. Thanks to this unique combination, Fast Buds created an extremely efficient plant, capable of producing a yield of up to 600 gram per square meter. And all this is achieved in just 7 weeks of flowering.

GG4 Sherbet FF it is perfect for both cultivation outdoorAnd indoor. It doesn't matter the latitude - this strain can cope with any climate, while producing sweet, spicy, earthy and fruity terpenes. When it comes to taste, you can expect delicious, sweet hazelnut aromas.

Quick varieties outdoor - GG4 Sherbet FF

Quick variations outdoor they have very strong strains in their ranks. GG4 Sherbet FF is a perfect example of this, as its 27% THC level qualifies this variety to an elite group with enormous power. This is a strain that guarantees not only a smile, but also deep relaxation. Best of all, a quality crop can be obtained by almost anyone, regardless of experience level. This is a photoperiod variety, but the so-called semi-automatic, which means that the waiting time for the effect is shorter than in the case of full-season varieties.


This XXL hybrid, from Fast Buds it grows as if it were to touch the sky, reaching up to three meters in height! Best of all, this green beauty is extremely resistant to the vagaries of weather - whether it's hot summer or humid autumn, this variety copes perfectly. Its express flowering and a cycle lasting only 8 weeks allow it to reach full maturity already at the end of September.

Quick strain outside - Wedding Cheesecake FF

If quick varieties outdoor if yields rich in resin and tasty terpenes are able to meet your needs, then you probably can't choose better - here's a variety rich in a delicious bouquet of terpenes reminiscent of cheesecake!

Wedding Cheesecake FF maintains its incredible potential both in cultivation indoorAnd outdoor. In outdoor conditions, where the grower does not have full control over the length of the vegetation phase, satisfactory yields can still be expected, even without excessive care. So if you are looking for abundant harvests without unnecessary effort, Wedding Cheesecake FF is a real treasure. This is a variety that combines fast flowering, powerful yields and extraordinary taste, which makes it an excellent choice for every grower.

As you can see, semi-automatic high-speed varieties outdoor they are able to offer large, delicious and strong harvests in a short time. It is known that automatic strains will grow faster, but if the season is planned properly, fast version varieties are able to surpass automatic ones in terms of the amount of harvest obtained.

Full-season fast varieties outdoor

It's time for some varieties for the most patient marijuana lovers. Full-season strains, although they are light-dependent and their development usually takes several months, can also be surprisingly short in providing a valuable crop. Quick variations outdoor full-season ones are also available on the market, but when choosing them, you need to prepare properly in advance - planning the entire season, preferably in winter. If previously prepared marijuana seedlings are planted in spring, in a suitable sunny place, then in early autumn (end of September / beginning of October) you can harvest really large crops.


This cannabis variety straight from a Dutch producer Barney’s Farm stands out for its compact size, while maintaining its leading position in terms of yield and THC level. However, what really delights is the play of colors and the divine aroma of orange. Her super buds ripen quickly and are ready to harvest in no time.

The elegance of Mimosa Orange Punch plants can delight even professionals. Plants grown outdoors reach heights of 150 to 180 cm, delivering impressive yields of up to 1,5 kg from one plant! It's safe to say that this is commercial-level performance. What's more, the buds form quickly and are ready after 8 weeks of flowering indoors and at the turn of September and October outdoors.

The THC level in this strain reaches as high as 30%, making it one of the most powerful strains available on the market. During flowering, many plants turn deep shades of purple, a rare phenomenon in the plant world. Without a doubt, Mimosa Orange Punch is a true participant in the festival of colors, which adds to its charm.

Quick varieties outdoor - Mimosa x orange punch

If you're ready to experience this full-season fast grower, get your seeds today. This variety combines speed, efficiency and extraordinary taste that will surely satisfy even the most demanding growers. As you can see, quick variations outdoor – they can be very interesting. Let's see what else is available on the market.


Legendary variety Durban od Sensi Seeds, is a real gem, stabilized in terms of quality and fast flowering. This plant has a magic that allows it to mature almost anywhere and delight cannabis lovers around the world.

Quick variations outdoor - Durban

Durban is a variety that will work well for both beginner growers and more experienced ones. Is mold resistant and forgives typical beginner mistakes, which makes it an excellent choice for everyone. Even in unfavorable conditions, it can deliver impressive yields. Durban it is so acclimatized that it produces equally well in the cool, northern climateeurboth the European climate and tropical zones. Changeable weather is not a problem for her, as confirmed by breeders from Ireland and Great Britain struggling with a short, rainy summer.

Durban it is distinguished by a sweet aroma and taste with clear notes of citrus fruits and anise. It's a real feast for the senses. If you pick up this strain, get ready for a real burst of creativity and an energetic high that will get you going at any time of the day. Additionally, Durban has a relaxing effect, which makes it a helpful remedy for stress and depression.

Durban offers impressive yields in a record-breaking flowering time, usually lasting from 50 to 70 days. Outdoors, the buds are ready for harvest in October. Quick variations outdoor As you can see, even in their full-season versions they can pleasantly surprise. So if you are a fan of strains sativa and you are looking for hemp full of energy, durable and aromatic, Durban od Sensi Seeds is an excellent choice. Try this strain and experience a unique flavor adventure and energetic high!


This variety of cannabis is extremely appreciated in the Netherlands, where it can be found in almost every coffeeshop. Straight from the manufacturer Dutch Passion, Hollands Hope is a true legend that thrives in the Dutch climate, known for its temperate conditions. This is a variety that has gained recognition among experienced cannabis users.

Original Hollands Hope od Dutch Passion is one of the pioneers in adapting to outdoor growing conditions in the climate typical of the Netherlands (Netherlands). This variety has a genotype advantage Indica over Sativa and has the ability to keep the person who smokes it hooked. Additionally, it is friendly not only to Dutch breeders, but also to those from other parts of the world.

Its yield depends on growing conditions, but you can expect from 100 g to even 1 kg from one plant 1-2 meters high. This variety produces impressive, approximately 50 cm tall buds with small leaves. It is worth noting that it does not need to be flooded with excess fertilizers, which can increase the growth of leaves at the expense of the buds.

Quick variations outdoor - Hollands Hope

Hollands Hope od Dutch Passion is a true gem in the cannabis world that adapts to various growing conditions and delivers solid yields. If you are looking for a reliable strain outdoor, it can meet your expectations!

Summary quick variations outdoor

The suggestions for quick outdoor strains presented above should show how diverse cannabis genes are today. Thanks to the mentioned fast flowering, autoflowering and photoperiodic genetics, we hope that everyone will be able to find an interesting proposition for themselves. Cannabis lovers living in regions of the world where the favorable period for growing cannabis is severely limited have nothing to worry about. Many manufacturers supply quick varieties outdoor for every climate!

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WARNING! In Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous. This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and curiosity purposes only. Currently, more and more countries in the world allow their citizens to grow a marijuana bush for their own use, but Poland is not one of these countries yet.

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