Cannabis training techniques are used by the best growers, both by those who grow marijuana professionally and by amateur enthusiasts. There are many techniques for training cannabis, as well as growing it. Breeders willingly use modern solutions that reduce the need to buy special equipment that consumes large amounts of electricity, or the need to use fertilizers, especially in crops indoor. SOG, ScrOG and LST techniques allow to obtain satisfactory results. What are these methods and how to do them?

What is the SOG technique

marijuana cultivation techniques

Cannabis cultivation techniques - view of the seedlings

Sea Of Green is a method whose main assumption is to obtain as many plants as possible on one square meter, usually from 12 to even 32 pieces. Under indoor growing conditions (indoor) the shortest possible vegetation period is used (from 2 to 4 weeks), thanks to which the plants are not tall and the entire cultivation process does not take long. Using this technique yields are more satisfying than they can be using other techniques. The essence here is the choice of variety - the best will be one that does not "stretch" but at the same time produces a solid main tip - these conditions are mainly met by strains indica. Growers spread the net over the seedling, so that you can control the even growth of all shoots to some extent. Thanks to the mesh, you can get an even canopy, and each shoot receives the right amount of light and air.

The choice of the size of the pot is an individual matter for each grower, because it depends on the number of plants and the space that can be developed. Keep in mind that growing SOG can be demanding. It is necessary to maintain the right climate, watch the plants very carefully, because you need to trim the leaves and/or branches to increase the air flow of the plant. Thickets and lack of proper air circulation increase the risk of diseases or pests that can quickly spread from one animal to the others. SOG is a very effective technique also outdoors (outdoor). The best for this purpose seem to be autoflowering varieties - preferably low, with a short vegetation period)

What is the ScrOG technique?

Screen of Green SCROG technique) is one of the simplest, but at the same time the most effective methods of training crops indoor. Its assumption is to shorten the upper branches and raise the lower ones so that they are on one plane. For this technique, you will need a special net through which the hemp branches are put. It must be mounted parallel to the placed pots. The great advantage of using ScrOG is the low risk of plant damage, which is why even novice growers can use it. Thanks to the use of the mesh, the hemp has access to light, and the air evenly reaches each branch. This allows you to get plants that are similar in size. This arrangement provides greater resistance to mold formation, and also makes the most of the available space. Scrog technique allows you to maximize the yield on a given area.

ScrOG can be used on plants that will reach a certain height. The net should be mounted approx. 20 cm above the base of the seedlings. When the stem grows at least 5 cm above the mesh, you can start interweaving it. Auto marijuana seeds, as well as OG Kush strains, Green Gelato, Strawberry Kush and Silver Haze they will be great for growing with the ScrOG method. Also remember to regularly remove the leaves at the base of the pot, thanks to which the canopy will develop faster and be more effective.

What is LST training?

Low Stress Training, that is LST technique it's called low stress training. It is a similar method to ScrOG. It is used to increase the number of buds. The plant should be tied up by bending the growing stem downwards. Thanks to this, the grower has the ability to control and form the plant as needed. Thanks to this, you can get the best possible yield of seedlings. LST technique the best results will be used for so-called slot machines - for example Jack Herer auto.

Marijuana training allows you to effectively increase their amount and provide seedlings with better conditions for development. Regardless of which technique the grower chooses, you must remember to take care of the plants by providing them with the right environment for growth - regular watering, fertilization and ensuring proper humidity. In our store you will find high-end marijuana seedswhich you can legally collect in Poland and cultivate in many countries around the world where the law allows it.

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