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Cannabis polonium XXL seeds

If you are interested in an overview of varieties feminized marijuana seedsthat are characterized a very large yield, this post is for you! Check which varieties of seeds with huge yields are worth your attention and why? What brand of hemp seeds are they? most efficient? What are the characteristics of given cannabis varieties with XXL yield and what exactly is it XXL yield?
Answers to this question below!

Feminized Cannabis Seeds - High Yield

Do not kid yourself! Quantity is very important. In the case of plants, how productive they are makes them more genetically attractive. Next to quantity, there is always quality, so here we will mean the resinity of the crops or the content of cannabinoids, i.e. e.g. high THC or large CBD.

The effect and fragrance notes are the next features that we will pay attention to choosing the perfect strain of marijuana for myself. While it is impossible to hit all tastes and preferences, so much good, strong and efficient genetics will please the majority rather than fail! And it is these parameters that we paid attention to when selecting the varieties of feminized marijuana seeds for this list.

Northern Light / Royal Queen Seeds

Northern Light RQS

marijuana seeds Northern Light od RQS

Genetics Northern Lights is one of the legends that combines the genes of as many as 11 different ones cannabis varieties. this clean indica comes from the west coast of America. This is probably enough of the more accurate information about its origin. The main thing is that genetics Northern Lights has many desirable features. They are proof of that numerous awards and recognition that various strains of marijuana based on genetics have won Northern Lights. Okay, let's focus on the features of the variety from the Dutch seed producer RQS.

Northern Light / Royal Queen Seeds are full-season seeds very short flowering timebecause only 7-8 weeks in conditions indoor. Under the roof, the plants grow one to one and a half meters, while under the cloud, in conditions outdoor on average 2 meters high. It's in 100% Indica, which is definitely manifested in the effect it produces. In appearance, the bushes are more like a sativa. Northern Lights is a slender-leaved and branchy fellow with sticky, resin-rich buds. It is a productive plant with great potential. IN indoor well taken care of, it can even bring 550g of crops from 1m2. Coming back to the effect of the drought obtained, it is a typical indica thunder. By content THC at around 18% the blow will be accurate, powerful and will quickly knock you to the couch, leaving a defenseless individual there in the company of a pleasant cannabis high. As for the taste and aroma, it will be accompanied by spices and sweet fruits. Quite a pleasant combination.

Shiskaberry Barneys Farm

Cannabis Seeds Yield XXL – Shiskaberry Barneys Farm

Shiskaberry / Barney’s Farm

Feminized seeds Shiskaberry od Barney’s Farm it's one of those genetics that creators can be really proud of! This variety is an original combination of legendary genes - Blueberry and Afghani. Somehow it turned out to be next Indica 100%. I think we should choose something for balance 😉… However, we couldn't give up either this proposal or the previous one. Anyway, there are no two identical varieties, both genetics are quite different from each other, we are already showing!

marijuana seeds Shiskaberry bloom about 8-9 weeks, however, under the conditions indoor they can even provide 600 g of harvest from 1m2 crops. ATTENTION! One outside under the right conditions a bush can give birth to up to 2 kg. Well, this is probably an XXL yield. What is ideal conditions? For Shiskaberry it will be warm and medium humidity. Want to read more about the good conditions for this strain? have a look here:

Shiskaberry this is one of those varieties that may turn purpleif it gets cold just before harvest. Such a violet will perfectly harmonize with the tart aroma of blueberries and the earthy pungency of smoke.

What else do you need to know about this indice Barney’s Farm is that it belongs to varieties medical marijuana. It is characterized by a very high level THC around 20%. Its action helps to get rid of the unpleasant ailments associated with insomnia, ADHD, PTSD, pains migraines, nauseaor chronic inflammation. Except that Shiskaberry strongly relaxes the body, adds energy and increases concentration.


Amnesia auto seed stockers

marijuana seeds Amnesia Auto Seed Stockers

This is another variety of marijuana with the so-called. XXL yield. However, this proposal is addressed to all demanding and looking for opportunities! Seed Stockers has in its offer seeds worthy of attention at very affordable prices. If you are interested in what else it has to offer Amnesia Auto, read on!

Amnesia Auto to one of the most popular automatic marijuana seeds. This strong sativa primarily in action. It's an automatic that blooms about 11 weeks. The manufacturer himself points out that their Amnesia It is not a whimsical variety, so it is suitable for beginners. So if you live, for example, in sunny Spain and you can experiment with your first bush, choose Amnesie Auto Seed Stockers. Bushes with a little effort, commitment and a minimum of necessary knowledge can provide in the conditions indoor even several hundred grams of harvest. But that's not all. It may turn out that THC in flowers will reach monstrous values 26%. Sharp and sour smoke scratching the throat, followed by a hit power, joy and full activity. she is Amnesia!

These are just three proposals with an XXL yield. You will probably find that it is definitely not enough! Nothing lost, welcome to our land of feminized seeds click. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook (click) and Instagram (click) - there we keep you informed about news, promotions, discounts, etc.

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