Many people still associate hemp with CBD oils or graphics in the form of a marijuana leaf. They are more and more often a component of cosmetics. You can also find them in chocolate or pasta. Not everyone knows that hemp fibers are very durable, which is why they are used for the production of sails and ropes. Thanks to their waterproof properties, they do not deform. It turns out that they are also an excellent raw material for the production of clothing. Hemp clothes are becoming more and more popular, so it is worth taking a closer look at this issue.

Hemp clothing - an alternative to cotton

The cultivation of cotton, from which most clothes are made, covers about 2,5% of the world's cultivated area. It also absorbs large amounts of water, so alternatives are constantly being sought. hemp material it is very resistant, especially to high temperatures and water, and the cultivation of these plants is not so demanding. Hemp is used for production. The same ones that have been used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Hemp clothes they also have antibacterial properties, perfectly absorb colors and do not fade under the influence of washing. They absorb excess moisture, as well as the penetration of ultraviolet radiation. hemp clothing it is also available with an admixture of cotton, thanks to which the material is even more pleasant to the touch.

How are hemp materials made?

Cannabis industry uses stiff, long fibers from the stem of the plant to produce the materials. No pesticides or chemicals are needed to grow them. The first step is to separate them from the bark. Then you need to prepare them properly. The fibers must be combed and then spliced ​​into a thread from which the yarn is made. It is made using specialized machines hemp material – fabric.

Hemp clothes - a revolution in the clothing industry

Hemp clothes

hemp clothing has thermal properties similar to linen - it cools in the summer and warms in the winter. The materials are light and airy, perfect for warm days. Due to its insulating properties, it is more wear-resistant. Cannabis industry it's also safer for the planet. Crops require less water than cotton. Hemp clothes they are organic and biodegradable. The only downside is the price - currently hemp fiber clothing much more expensive than cotton.

Hemp cultivation is one of the most sustainable, characterized by a negative carbon balance (it absorbs more CO2 than it produces), soil remineralization capacity and biodegradability. In Poland, hemp cultivation is currently illegal, but it is worth collecting marijuana seedswhich is fully allowed. When marijuana is legalized, you will be able to start your own farm. If you are interested in this issue or want to know how to ensure the best growth of plants, it is worth using this time for education.

Hemp fiber clothing is undoubtedly the future of the clothing industry. Consumers more and more often focus on the quality of the clothes they wear, which is why they prefer to pay more for a T-shirt or dress, being sure that they are getting a high-quality product that will last for years. Hemp clothes it is also a big tribute to the planet and ecology, which is increasingly becoming a priority of clothing production in many companies.

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