Growing cannabis from seeds or clones?

Where to get a cannabis bush? You can grow it yourself. Of course, in countries where it is legal. The cannabis plant can be obtained from a seed or from a clone. In this post, we will look at both methods of cultivation.

Growing hemp from seeds

Today, more growers are choosing to grow cannabis from seed. This is certainly related to the easier availability of marijuana seeds, which can be legally purchased in many countries, e.g. through an online marijuana seed store such as a seed bank Ziarno Życia.

By growing cannabis from seed, we can obtain new genetics that differ in taste, smell or effect, unlike clones, which are always the same as the mother plant. So if we only have one mother plant, all the plants resulting from the clones will be the same, unless they develop in different environmental conditions.
In the case of seeds, in addition to the fact that we have easy access to a variety of genetics, even seeds of the same variety can produce different marijuana plants. This means that they have 3 seeds of the same variety, we can get three slightly different plants. They may differ in smell, size, etc. For some it may be an advantage, for others a disadvantage.

Growing from seed and the male plant

The main goal of growers is to obtain flower-rich marijuana plants. Such plants mature from unpollinated females. If you have regular seeds, there is a problem with quickly separating the male and female plants, so that the pollen does not get to the female flowers, and thus does not pollinate them. Of course, now this problem has been almost completely eliminated, due to the production of so-called feminized seeds, i.e. producing only female plants. However, it should be remembered that raisins may also appear in such seeds, in this case a male plant. Fortunately, in the case of seeds from proven, global producers of marijuana seeds, this happens very, very rarely.

Marijuana seed germination problem

Keep in mind that not every seed will germinate. Reputable seed producers such as Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion or e.g. RQS, make every effort to ensure that germination is as high as possible, but it is not possible to achieve 100%. A seed that is a dud may not show this in its appearance at all. Therefore, if you are wondering how to check a marijuana seed, know that there is no way to check it by its external appearance. Unless the seed has a damaged shell, is dried out or otherwise damaged. That's why it's best to get more than one or two marijuana seeds, even if you only want to grow one plant.

growing cannabis from seeds or clones

Growing marijuana from clones

If a grower has access to clones from their favorite genetics, they will certainly be able to produce a full-grown plant faster than if they were grown from just a marijuana seed. However, just getting a clone is not that easy. Also, clones have to be handled very carefully, certainly not a good method for beginners. The seed is resistant, and there is no problem to store it for later. Clones must be rooted right away and under the right conditions for them to start growing.

Marijuana cloning

Plant cloning is the asexual reproduction of plants, which results in an exact genetic copy of the mother plant. And here comes the problem of transmitting these bad, undesirable qualities as well. Some plants may have certain genetic defects that may not become apparent until several clones have been grown. In some cases, this can cause really big losses.

cannabis clones

How are marijuana clones made?

Clones are nothing more than cuttings taken from a plant at the appropriate stage of development. The seedling will grow into an exact copy of the parent plant, i.e. it will have the same sex, characteristics and of course genes. To harvest a hemp clone, make a cut at an angle of about 45 degrees just below the last node of the branch to be cut. Cutting at an angle increases the surface area for root formation. Then it is best to dip the tip into rooting preparation for a typical cloning agent and then place it in the soil.

When to clone marijuana?

Cuttings are taken during the vegetative phase of the plant (growth phase). The plant must already have a few good branches to make the cut and about 4-6 knots.

A clone from already flowering cannabis will not be effective, because the cut fragment of the plant will put most of the energy into flowering, and not into growth, which is crucial for the seedling.


Can machines be cloned?

It is worth remembering that autoflowering strains should not be cloned. The effects of cloning autoflower strains are usually not satisfactory. This is for a simple reason, i.e. you cannot manipulate the growth and flowering period of autos. Such strains are programmed to flower after a certain time. In the case of photoperiod varieties, you can extend the vegetative phase by keeping the dark period short compared to the light period, and also bring the plant into the flowering phase by bringing the plant to 12 hours of light for 12 hours of darkness. The life cycle of an autoflowering plant is much shorter than that of a full-season plant. Cloning itself takes time, which is why most often a seedling, before it grows, already enters the flowering phase, just like the plant from which it was taken. As a result, the yield will be poor and the plant will be small.

Which is better clones or seeds?

The answer will not be clear. Clones are definitely not recommended for people with basic knowledge and little experience in cannabis cultivation. However, if someone has the possibility of legal cultivation and thus can freely experiment with cannabis, it is worth trying different ways and methods and finding the one that suits him best.

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What are clone seeds?

An interesting fact is the concept of clone seeds. Clone seeds are an idea for the hopefully near future when marijuana becomes legal in more countries.

What are clone seeds?

A maple seed is a piece of plant tissue placed in an artificial nutrient gel shell. In this case, it is a cannabis fragment with the most desirable set of genes. The special gel that forms the shell of the maple seed enables the formation and growth of roots necessary for the further development of the plant. The plant growing from such a seed will be genetically identical to the plant from which the tissue fragment was taken. In the case of traditional cultivation from seeds, as we mentioned, the plant will always be different from the so-called mother.

We would like to remind you that in Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous, and all information about cultivation is for educational purposes. In countries where cultivation is legal, the knowledge contained in the entry can be treated as valuable tips, while in other places on the world map, all information should be treated as a curiosity.

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