Marijuana cultivation outdoor – knowledge is not illegal!

Plants are an integral part of our planet's ecosystem. They perform extremely important functions, e.g. they shape the microclimate, bear fruit important for health, and please the eye. They have always been the object of human interest and will be until the last spark of life. Their cultivation is an extremely satisfying activity, raising an important, internal parameter of unity with Mother Earth. As humans, we have always chosen those plants from which we can derive some benefit. We already knew how useful the cannabis species is thousands of years ago. Nowadays, the facts about hemp are revealed from the medical level, being the result of meticulous research using the latest technology. Only in a richer version is it confirmed what our ancestors once experienced. Again, after the In the war on drugs, cannabis is making a comeback and is gaining more and more interest. Many countries around the world are introducing greater access for farmers as well as ordinary citizens to hemp and the use of its goods.

We hope that soon the cultivation of non-fibrous hemp will be legalized in Poland as well, for the benefit of you and a single individual. As of today, in Poland, the cultivation of hemp, in which THC exceeds 0,3%, is punishable by imprisonment of up to 3 years.

However, knowledge about cultivation is not a secret, much less a crime. It is needed and available. It is the key to gaining experience abroad or in the future. It is a seed that can grow into young experts and it is available for free. Although every single person learns from mistakes, in the era of writing, and even more so the Internet, we can use the experience of other people. That's what blogs, movies, books, etc. are for. People spend part of their lives on a specific experience and describe it to facilitate the work of the next, interested in the subject. In order to find yourself in the maze of information, it is good to spread the proven and effective ones via word of mouth, and for this purpose we are sharing this article. We are aware of how small the number of publications on cannabis cultivation in Polish is. However, there is a gem, or rather a pill, that is worth taking at the beginning of your adventure.

“Cannabis cultivation Outdoor in a nutshell”, a book by Przemysław Zawadzki.

The subject of external hemp cultivation, based on his partisan experience, was exhausted by the Polish activist Przemysław Zawadzki in his book "Cultivation of hemp" outdoor in a nutshell". Unfortunately, the book is no longer available in any form.

Cultivation outdoor in a nutshell - free in PDF

In his book, based on many years of experience, the author reveals the truth about how to approach the issue of cultivation outdoor. It highlights the critical elements of the entire project, from preparing the grower and site, choosing the right tools (including seeds), through understanding the needs of cannabis plants, their growth stages, discussing the risks and advanced cultivation techniques, to harvesting and, last but not least, final treatments. In one sentence, everything that aims to lead to excellent quality marijuana from plants grown outdoors. This is a very interesting read that will allow you to look at hemp through the eyes of an advanced grower and perhaps awaken a passion for growing this sacred plant in the wild, of course, in countries where currently the law does not prohibit it. See for yourself that hemp is a strong and largely self-sufficient plant, and its cultivation is pure pleasure and fun even when difficulties arise. Armed with this knowledge, you are well prepared and dynamically moving closer to realizing your vision of harvesting your own crops, should you wish and be able to (Always check your local cultivation laws).

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We would like to remind you that in Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous, and all information about cultivation is for educational purposes. In countries where cultivation is legal, the knowledge contained in the entry can be treated as valuable tips, while in other places on the world map, all information should be treated as a curiosity.

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