In which countries is THC legal? Legality of marijuana around the world. 

Marijuana is legal in various forms in several countries around the world, but its legal status varies greatly from country to country. Here are some examples in which countries marijuana is legal, or at what stage legislative work on this topic is currently underway:

in which countries is marijuana legal

In which countries is marijuana legal - this map does not show these countries, it is made purely for illustration purposes.

  1. Canada: In Canada, marijuana has been legal for recreational and medical use since 2018.
  2. Urugwaj: Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize marijuana in 2013, for both recreational and medical purposes.
  3. United States: In the US, the legality of marijuana varies from state to state. In some states, such as Colorado and California, it is legal for recreational and medical use, but is still considered illegal at the federal level.
  4. The Netherlands: Although it is commonly believed that marijuana is legal in the Netherlands, it is actually "tolerated", especially in the so-called coffee shops.
  5. Spain: In Spain, there are social clubs where the consumption of marijuana is legal, but its public use and trade are illegal.
  6. Portugal: Portugal has decriminalized the possession of all drugs, including marijuana, in small amounts for personal use.
  7. Meksyk: In Mexico, the Supreme Court ruled that the ban on recreational marijuana use was unconstitutional, paving the way for legalization, but the process is still ongoing.
  8. South Africa: In South Africa, the Constitutional Court legalized the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana for private use by adults in their homes.
  9. Georgia: Georgia has decriminalized the use of marijuana, and its Constitutional Court has ruled that marijuana consumption is a personal right.
  10. Australia: In Australia, the legality of medical marijuana varies from state to state, but is generally accepted for medical purposes.
  11. Luksemburg: Luxembourg has announced plans to legalize marijuana for recreational use, becoming the first country to do so Europie who took such steps.
  12. Germany: Germany has advanced medical marijuana programs. From April 1, 2024, Germans will be able to legally grow up to three bushes at home for recreational purposes. More on this topic – Legalization of marijuana in Germany


Legal seeds

Why are more and more countries deciding to legalize marijuana in the 21st century?

why countries want legalization

Changes in which countries marijuana is legal depend mainly on public awareness.

The list of countries in which marijuana is legal is constantly expanding. Almost every day, marijuana lovers hear that some country in the world is taking steps towards legalization. Why, in the 21st century, more and more countries decide to legalize marijuana? There are several reasons for this.

Changing social attitudes. Increased public acceptance of marijuana and decreased stigmatization have contributed to policy change. People increasingly understand that marijuana is not necessarily more harmful than legal substances such as alcohol or tobacco.

Medical benefits. The development of scientific research has confirmed the effectiveness of marijuana in the treatment of various diseases, such as chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and others. This has increased pressure to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

Reducing the burden on the judicial system. Decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana reduces drug-related criminal cases, saving time and resources in the justice system.

Control and regulation. Legalization allows states to control the distribution and quality of marijuana, which can limit minors' access to the drug and reduce the risks associated with iteurregulated market.

Tax revenues. The legal sale of marijuana opens new sources of revenue for states through taxation. This income can be used for social, educational or health purposes.

Global trends and mutual influences. Decisions about legalization in one country often influence the policies of other countries, creating a kind of domino effect.

Fight against the black market. Legalizing marijuana could help reduce the activities of illicit markets, enabling drug-related crime to be better combated.

However, it is worth remembering that each country approaches the issue of legalizing marijuana individually, and these decisions are often the result of long-term debates and analyses. Remember that by following our blog you will learn in which countries marijuana is legal and where these legislative processes are underway.

Which countries are far from legalization? 

In which countries is marijuana legal? It is not

Now that we know in which countries marijuana is legal, let's see that THC legalization is unlikely to happen very quickly. There are countries where legalization of marijuana is unlikely in the near future, mainly for religious, social or cultural reasons. Examples of such countries are:

  1. Middle Eastern countries and some Western Asian countriessuch as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates. In these countries, the dominant religion and culture strongly opposes the use of drugs, including marijuana, and the law is often closely tied to religious principles.
  2. Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore – these Southeast Asian countries have very strict laws regarding drugs, including marijuana. They are known for their very tough approach to drug control, including the death penalty.
  3. Russia – Russia has strict drug laws, and while talk of medical marijuana occasionally arises, the country is generally far from legalizing marijuana for recreational use.
  4. China – In China, marijuana is considered a drug and is strictly prohibited. The country has a long history of fighting drugs and currently there is no tendency to change its approach to marijuana.
  5. Japan – In Japan, there is a strong social and cultural taboo against drugs, including marijuana. Drug laws here are very restrictive, and society is generally reluctant to liberalize drug laws.

In each of these countries, factors such as strong religious beliefs, conservative social attitudes, historical experiences with drugs, and the political and legal framework prevent the legalization of marijuana in the foreseeable future.

Basic concepts related to legalization:

legal marijuana

Here are some basic concepts related to the legalization of marijuana:

  1. Legalization: The legal process of removing prohibitions on the use, possession, cultivation, sale and distribution of marijuana. Legalization can cover various aspects, from the medical use of marijuana to its recreational use.
  2. Decriminalization: Reducing or eliminating legal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana. Decriminalization differs from legalization in that it does not legalize the full spectrum of marijuana-related activities, but only reduces or removes penalties for marijuana possession.
  3. Medical marijuana: Using marijuana as a medicine to treat or relieve symptoms of specific medical conditions. The use of medical marijuana often requires a prescription or authorization from a doctor.
  4. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): The main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, responsible for most of its intoxicating effects.
  5. CBD (Cannabidiol): A component of marijuana that does not produce psychoactive effects but is being studied for potential therapeutic benefits, including pain relief, reducing anxiety, and improving sleep.
  6. Control: The set of laws and policies that control the production, distribution, sale and use of marijuana in places where it is legal. Regulation often includes age restrictions, licentioning of stores, quality and safety standards and taxation.
  7. Anti-drug policy: All governmental and international activities aimed at regulating and controlling the production, distribution and consumption of psychoactive substances, including marijuana.

Understanding these concepts is crucial to following and understanding debates about the legal status of marijuana around the world.

What is decriminalization and how does it differ from legalization?

Decriminalization means reducing or eliminating legal penalties for certain activities that were previously considered crimes. In the context of marijuana, decriminalization typically refers to the process of removing criminal penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana for personal use.

Decriminalization is different from legalization because it does not make marijuana fully legal. This means that possession of marijuana is still illegal, but does not result in a prison sentence or other serious criminal penalty. Instead, administrative penalties such as fines may be imposed for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

In countries that have decriminalized marijuana, the main goal is often to reduce the burden on the judicial system and focus law enforcement efforts on more serious crimes. Decriminalization may also be a step toward further reform of marijuana laws, including full legalization.

Is marijuana legal in Jamaica?

Is marijuana legal in Jamaica?

In Jamaica, possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use was decriminalized in 2015. Under local law, possession of up to 56 grams of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor, not a crime, which means that possession of this amount of marijuana is punishable by a fine, not a prison sentence. Additionally, the law allows the cultivation of up to five cannabis plants per person for personal use. The use of marijuana for religious purposes by followers of Rastafarianism is also legal.

However, it is important to remember that despite decriminalization, the large-scale sale and distribution of marijuana remains illegal. It's also worth noting that these laws are subject to change, so it's always advisable to check current laws before planning a trip or engaging in marijuana-related activities in Jamaica.

When will THC be legal in Poland?

Currently, there is no official date for the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes in Poland. The issue of legalization of marijuana in Poland is a topic of public and political debate, but currently there are no specific plans or laws that would indicate imminent legalization.

In Poland, marijuana is still classified as a prohibited substance under the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction. Possessing, selling and producing marijuana for recreational purposes is illegal and may result in legal penalties.

However, medical marijuana has been legal since 2017. This means that patients with appropriate medical recommendations can legally use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The future legalization of marijuana in Poland depends on many factors, including changes in national policy, public debates, and research results on the impact of marijuana on health and society. Therefore, it is important to follow current information and changes in the law.

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Are there legal marijuana plantations in the Netherlands? Let's debunk the myth

If you're wondering what your life would be like if you had marijuana plantations in the NetherlandsUnfortunately, you're in for a disappointment.  Cannabis farm in the Netherlands because it is illegal. Even in the 70s of the last century, the local authorities did not cause problems when someone had several dozen plants for their own use, but more and more people started industrial activities and thus created huge marijuana plantations. In the Netherlands Due to this practice, protests began, and in 1996 the law in this area was tightened and the amount of cannabis that a citizen could possess was limited to five plants.

So what should we call a situation where cannabis is not legal, but on the other hand possession of small amounts for personal use is allowed? This is decriminalization. Although legal marijuana plantations in the Netherlands do not exist, you can have up to 5 grams of dried cannabis on you. However, it should be borne in mind that the authorities of individual countries, under pressure from public opinion, are aiming to reduce penalties for possession and consumption of this soft drug.

Although in Poland legal marijuana cultivation is not, then it is acceptable to own the collection that they consist of marijuana seeds. However, you will be able to plant them only in the southern neighbor, which is the Czech Republic, where this plant has been partially decriminalized. While in this country, you can possess 15 grams of marijuana or five cannabis plants. Partial decriminalization in the first half of 2022 also applies to Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Germany and Portugal. Still though legal marijuana cultivation it is not in most countries - in the territory of Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia or Ireland, there are severe penalties in connection with it.


The article “In which countries is marijuana legal?” discusses the current legal status of marijuana around the world. He points out that the legality of marijuana varies from country to country, with Canada and Uruguay being examples, where marijuana is completely legal for both recreational and medical use. In the United States, the situation is more complicated because the legality of marijuana varies from state to state, although it is still illegal at the federal level.

The Netherlands is known for its tolerance of marijuana, especially in coffee shops, while in Spain legality centers around social clubs. The article also highlights that marijuana has been decriminalized in Portugal. He draws attention to the dynamic development of law in this field and suggests that the legal status of marijuana may change, therefore he recommends checking the current regulations in a specific country.

There are many legal terms that help understand the issues surrounding marijuana legalization. These matters are not always clear-cut, they require time and the constant involvement of cannabis activists.

Please remember not to treat the entry "In which countries is marijuana legal?" as legal advice. The content posted here is only interesting and general, and current trends in legalization are so variable that it may be difficult for us to update this entry on an ongoing basis. Legal regulations change so quickly - hopefully always to the benefit of strong supporters.

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WARNING! In Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous. This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and curiosity purposes only. Currently, more and more countries in the world allow their citizens to grow a marijuana bush for their own use, but Poland is not one of these countries yet.

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