Medical marijuana - does it really exist?

Marijuana vaporization

Vaporization is an increasingly used method of extracting the best from dried marijuana. However, smoking cannabis is still king. P-rolls, CBD hemp joints are very popular, especially among recreational smokers. Medical marijuana users, in addition to cannabinoids in the form of extracts and hemp oils, have switched almost completely to the so-called. vaporization. Why? That's what this post will be about!

Vaporization - what is it?

Vaporization is the process of heating dried plant, e.g. medical marijuana or CBD, in order to extract beneficial cannabinoids or terpenes from it in the form of steam. We use them for vaporization vaporizers, i.e. devices that enable the vaporization process to take place. At the moment, we already have a lot of models and brands of vaporizers, but let's quote the main division so as not to deviate too much from the topic 😉.

Vaporizers are divided into stationary and portable. Usually the former are more specialized devices and thus more expensive. Most vaping enthusiasts equip themselves with something more handy that they can use anytime and anywhere, i.e. a portable vaporizer. Such a device can fit perfectly in our hand and resemble an inhaler, pen, telephone or flash drive.

The simplest model when it comes to electronic vaporizer is: a chamber for herbs, a mouthpiece for inhalation and a panel with the option of setting the preferred heating temperature. There are vaporizers with convection and conduction or hybrid heating. Conduction consists in heating the herb through the heated walls of the chamber, convection by the flow of hot air. In both cases, however, the effect is the same, we get a pair rich in ... well, what exactly? It all depends on what heated temperature we set, and what we have.

CBD vaporizer

Fenix ​​Pro vaporizer

Marijuana vaporization temperature

The key thing for a person who is considering starting an adventure with a vaporizer is to determine which one active substances it depends on the drought, so what kind effect wants to get. The next most important thing is to familiarize yourself with the boiling points of these substances, because if we significantly exceed this temperature, the whole beneficial ingredient will "burn". However, if we set the temperature too low, we may not get what we want from the herbs at all.

Due to the current law in Poland, any mention of marijuana vaporization in this entry will be implicitly related to prescription medical marijuana.  


We must remember that each body is different, we also have different preferences, so it is always the best option to try different temperature settings and find the right one for you. Many medical marijuana patients have adopted the vaping model from the lowest to the highest temperatures. This means that they start with e.g. 160 degrees and gradually increase this value to around 200 -220 degrees. This way they can use the active compounds released from marijuana in turn. Choose your ideal settings yourself, you can use the following boiling points of selected active compounds from hemp. If we care about a specific cannabinoid, e.g. CBD or THC, it is best to choose the right one for this purpose marijuana varieties. For varieties with high THC content belongs, among others Fat Banana Royal Queen Seeds with THC levels as high as 25% or so Candy Kush RQS with a THC of around 18%. When we care more about CBD, it is worth choosing specific ones CBD varieties. Of course, if we have the legal ability to use this type of marijuana variety.

Cannabis vaporization: Boiling point and properties of selected cannabinoids:

boiling points of cannabinoids

Marijuana vaporization: Boiling point and properties of selected terpenes: 

boiling points of terpenes1

What are the advantages of replacing a joint with a vaporizer?

If you have never tried vaporization and/or are considering buying a vaporizer, be sure to read the reasons why you should replace a joint with a vaporizer.

marijuana vaporization

What are the benefits of vaping marijuana?

Taste and smell sensations

Despite the beautiful names of joints like Orange, Lemon, Blueberry most people just can't feel these aromas. Usually, these are delicately perceptible fragrance notes that we feel best with the so-called. first bush. This is because smoking the herb degrades the terpenes responsible for its aroma and taste. Therefore, the characteristic, pleasant smell emitted by dried flowers will disappear very quickly when they are burned. However, if you start vaping with lower temperatures, the first thing you will feel is the depth of aromas. Guessing the scent notes of dried herbs is great fun!

Savings and health - marijuana vaporization

vaping or smoking?

Vaporizing or smoking?

Thanks to the so-called vaping our body will absorb a much larger amount of cannabinoidsthan smoking a joint. This is due to the mentioned September temperatures of cannabinoids and other valuable substances contained in the dried material. The combustion temperature is much higher, which is why most of the active substances will degrade before they even reach our body.

Moreover, everyone knows how many harmful substances are formed during combustion an ordinary cigarette. It's the same with smoking a joint. Therefore, in addition to a limited amount of e.g. THC or CBD, we also accept toxic substances from combustion. It is also worth noting that the fired joint burns even when we are not currently inhaling. There are more losses here 😉 When it comes to vaporizers, we can find ones on the market that heat the drought with hot air only when we inhale the air through the mouthpiece!

Control - the ability to set the temperature

Thanks to the possibility of setting the temperature of heating dried hemp, we determine what effect we want to achieve. It gives us more control compared to simply smoking a joint. Of course, the vaporization of marijuana alone will not guarantee us the accuracy of isolating specific active compounds from cannabis. You may have noticed that some compounds have very similar boiling points. However, we have the additional option of choosing a specific variety, e.g. a CBD variety, or marijuana with a high THC content, or specific terpenes (in countries where marijuana is legal). By choosing a variety for yourself and the right temperature for the relationship we care about the most, we already have a concrete impact on the effect!

Discretion - a less intense fragrance that evaporates quickly

fenix mini vaporizer promotion

Fenix ​​mini – portable vaporizer

Thanks to there is no combustion during vaporization, and only for heating, the smell that evaporates is much less bothersome than that left by the joint. The resulting steam evaporates very quickly, thanks to which the smell does not linger in the room. This is good news for those who care about discretion while smoking, e.g. on the balcony, at home or outside. In addition to a milder smell a big plus is the appearance of portable vaporizerswhich can often be mistaken for an e-cigarette.

It is impossible to write with full responsibility that marijuana vaporization is healthy, there are no relevant studies to prove it. However, there is no doubt that it is much healthier than smoking. The downside is the need to buy a device - a vaporizer. However, on the market we will find solutions that combine quality, functionality and low price just like Fenix ​​Mini. Regardless of whether you use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, we believe that a vaporizer will increase the efficiency and your experience. In other words, the vaporization of marijuana is a very interesting experience for both a novice gourmet, an experienced smoker and a medical marijuana patient.

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ATTENTION! In Poland, the law prohibits the cultivation of hemp other than fibrous. This post is not intended to encourage you to break the law. All content related to the cultivation and processing of marijuana is for educational and curiosity purposes only. Currently, more and more countries in the world allow their citizens to grow a marijuana bush for their own use, but Poland is not one of these countries yet.


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